Sunday, April 13, 2014

Still pretty fried from yesterday. . . But may I draw your attention to the photos from the I-15 bridges below. The World Turned Upside Down.

"Yet let's be content, and the times lament, you see the world turn'd upside down."
Probably won't go to the Creek today but will have breakfast with some readers and then proceed to Columbus and points north by easy stages.
But I would like to draw your attention to the photos from the I-15 bridges that I added to the post below. Observe the BLM thugs behind their SUVs and ballistic shields with weapons out and trained on the crowd in the first panoramic view. Then observe the rancher/militia counter-snipers in position, shown in the second photo. This is Ruby Ridge and Waco in reverse and in fact is proof of my long-standing contention that there will be no more free Wacos. I'm told that when the BLM pulled out, their convoy had to run a gauntlet of the crowd, who sent them on their way with appropriate hand signals and catcalls. Ignominious failure must have tasted pretty bitter to the bully boys and their bosses. All they needed was Cornwallis' fifes and drums playing "The World Turned Upside Down."


Anonymous said...

Why do I feel this is not the end of this. These bastards hate being made fun of and methinks plans are already afoote to get even. Everyone who was there (and likely photographed) needs watch their six even more than normal. God bless all of you that went in support. God bless the Bundy's for standing up to these MF's.

Anonymous said...

The Feds will be back.


Anonymous said...

Time to call the clans together :)


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I would love to see Professor Robert Churchill's take on this. Perhaps time for an updated edition of To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant's Face?

Anonymous said...

I was on that I-15 bridge, glassing the Federales while a few hundred extremely brave Americans confronted them. I was sitting on a bridge railing using my binoculars when I focused on a grey Silverado just to the south of the gate ... lo and behold 5-6 BLM "sharpshooters" using their riflescopes to check the crowd. The pucker factor went up a bit when a "sharpshooter" and I met eye-to-eye ... me with binoculars, him with a rifle scope. I turned to the Idaho militia member behind me, gestured to his AR and asked "what are you zeroed at?" He lowered his binos, turned to the NHP officer beside him and asked him to contact Las Vegas Metro (who took control of the situation) and have the "sharpshooters" 'knock that shit off.' No sooner said than done. Kudos to the Nevada Highway Patrol and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for standing up for American citizens! As the BLM left (I counted 82 vehicles) they did indeed have to run a "gauntlet" of Patriots, who were, all in all, fairly quiet, most of us waving, although a few chose to be a bit more efficient and not use all of their fingers as they did (I chalked it up to a bad case of sunburn on their hands.) During the day I spent at the Ranch, I heard NO inflammatory anti-American, anti-government language ... quite the contrary in fact. A lot of patriotism and a lot of prayer. The Bundys are good, faithful, strong family, with deep roots. I was proud to stand with them.

Anonymous said...

Of course it isn't - fedzilla is 'almost' as patient as the members of the 'religion of peace'. Mr. Bundy (and any and all who were there - and probably those of us who comment as well) will most likely be getting 'extra' attention for the foreseeably future (Hi nsa snooper!)

Anonymous said...

I was watching Pete Santilli's live coverage of the site at the bridge while they were waiting for the BLM thugs to leave so the cattle could be freed.

Let's just say that they gave the long convoy of federales the appropriate 'salute'.

Some may question the civility of that. But who was first to get all uncivil-like? It was probably the least tense time of the whole standoff. Finally, they Feds were leaving and there was little to no immediate threat left, so Bundy's supporters could let loose without getting tased, thrown to the ground, or worse, shot.

The BLM should thank every single supporter who saluted them in that way that cooler heads did prevail and no blood was shed. (Well, at least no human blood.)

Anonymous said...

It was also reported that military drones were used in capturing who was there and, who was armed.
I do not think that this is over by a long shot - they'll re-group and, be back.