Friday, April 11, 2014

Attkisson: Unprecedented Influence on the Media By Special Interests, Political Interests & Corporations

There is unprecedented, I believe, influence on the media, not just the news, but the images you see everywhere, by well-orchestrated and financed campaigns of special interests, political interests and corporations. And I think all of that comes into play.


Harry_the_Horrible said...

People seem to miss the fact that Media IS a special interest...

Anonymous said...

Like nobody knew. Except O'Reilly of course.

He's one of those "moderates" who only assists in the destruction of the country because 'It could never happen here.' and 'you don't need more that one gun or one bullet, either' crowd.

Anonymous said...

Harry, you betcha and I'll add that the two "major" political parties. They are both corporations (private at that) and special interests.

Think about it. Folks "donate" to their favorite lobbyist organization, tax free of course, and where does that money end up? Oh yeah, MEDIA!! Why then would media want to tell truth and create unity in it? Of course, they wouldn't want to, because they would generate less revenue if they did so.

The "campaign" finance has become, simply stated, the biggest money laundering wealth redistribution this world has ever seen.

While we cannot simply refuse to pay taxes in the short term without ugly consequence (unless it's a national movement) we CAN stop spending our dollars on things that fund the MEDIA medusa.

Refuse to donate money to all the special interests. Donate time but money must PURCHASE something tangible and not at 300% profit.

As with EVERYTHING creating division in this country, the problems core is the tax code. Gay marriage? It's about social security and dependents. Tax code. Health care? Tax code. Guns? Tax code. Special interest and influence and access? Tax code. Racialist politics? Yup, tax code.

We can beat them at their own game by showing our kin that everything comes back to the tax code.

Ken said...

Anything that isn't the tax code can be tied to a deliberately inflationary monetary policy. You want consumers to spend, make sure their money will be worth less tomorrow than it is today.