Sunday, April 20, 2014

"They know we're coming." With piss-poor operational security, Feds flood the zone at Las Vegas hotels in massive display of gambling prowess.

"They know, Chuck, they know. They know we're coming." -- ATF undercover agent Robert Rodriguez to raid commander Chuck Sarabyn, 28 February 1993, one hour before the raid on the Branch Davidians.
"It is of no concern. Soon the Rebellion will be crushed."
Looking like nothing so much as the evil-eaten Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars saga, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has promised local media that "this isn't over." And, in truth, reports on the Internet of Fed cops of various agencies' jack-booted thug teams flooding into Las Vegas hotels are certainly correct. They are there by the hundreds, taking over entire floors, playing the slot machines and trying to look inconspicuous, which is working out about as well as you might expect. This is known to just about everybody who's paying attention to the situation in Bunkerville, including the local media who are not reporting it, for now. Just who this demonstration of stark naked so-called "operational security" and impotent puffery is supposed to impress is another matter. Harry Reid, perhaps. Bob Wright has observed that Harry seems to believe he's in a "biggest dick" contest with Cliven Bundy. Like the juvenile high school hall monitor who can't get the other kids to stop running, Harry is throwing a hissy fit. Personally, I'm happy for him. Every time Harry opens his mouth, we get another hundred thousand converts to our cause nationwide. Indeed, if the mumbling, bumbling Harry did not exist, we might have to invent him. Of course, your average high school hall monitor doesn't have the power and might of the militarized federal police establishment at his beck and call. Still, what this is supposed to accomplish, beyond a ratcheting up of the attempted psy-war campaign against the Bundys and the volunteers who guard them, is a mystery to the analysts I talk to.
I know that the Bundys are not going away, and neither are the volunteers. Unless the federal government has decided to kill them all and initiate the next American civil war, this is all just your tax dollars at work in a massive display of gambling prowess.
That potential conflict, as I have explained many times would be suicidal, both personally for Harry Reid and and for his mandarin class. And as long as even one closet Oath Keeper or Three Percenter in the federal ranks remains -- and there are many -- the feds know that there is no military option that cannot be compromised. So Emperor Harry can go on muttering about how "soon the rebellion will be crushed," and the storm troopers can continue to dip their wicks in the soft envelopments of Vegas hookers, but it is all hat and no cattle, as they say out here. They may be fooling themselves, but they do not fool the hardy band of determined patriots dug in along the banks of the Virgin River.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is :D

THEBigFatPanda said...

I can't see these agents being part of a psy-op. When masses troops like this, they tend to use them rather than back down.
Call it pride, hubris, or simply "BLM screwed the pooch; now it's time for the big boys to show them how it's done!"
Assuming these reports are true(do you have local links, mike?)I fear for the Bundys and any supporters in the vicinity. I'm sure militia folks will give a decent account of themselves, but casualties on our side will be horrific.
On the other hand, this would definitely rip off whatever remnants of legitimacy still mask's ugly face. Like the novel Swan Song by Robert McCammon in the end, the evil ones faces were revealed in all their horror.
God help us.

Anonymous said...

Given that the no fly zone over the Bundy ranch is still in effect, I think a raid on the ranch is still coming. They will demonise the Bundys and the military defending them. The alt media has to stay there too. They will shut down all cell towers, wifi, phone service, etc... You will have to have a means to get the word out to reputable internet outlets. Their raid will be large numbers and designed to be over quick, leaving no time or path for reinforcements to help the Bundy or their onsite defenders.

This will require all the media spin they can muster, their will be casualties. Waco is their blueprint, blame the victims.

Anonymous said...

the lit match is in Harry Reids hand...if dropped to ignite...ALL responsibly falls on him and the government HE will totally cease be 'We the Peoples' government .....and therefore illegitimate.....I pray as do many others that he makes the right choice...........imho

Anonymous said...

If I had to guess I would watch for a political moment where Obama or a cabinet member has a special presser and claims that there will be no violence and everyone just relax and go home. Immediately after that, anyone left at the Bundy site will be engaged by a massive federal paramilitary force with heavy weapons. The dead will be labeled as the "fringe militia", "Racists", "Real domestic terrorists" and so forth that started the shooting.
Obama or the cabinet member will claim no knowledge and the commander on the ground will be retired at a fat salary or promoted.

Anonymous said...

A gamble, indeed, by the Feds and possibly a bluff that will be called. I, like many others, am concerned about your welfare there, along with the welfare of the Bundy family and it's on-site supporters. I understand that you are exactly where you want to be at this time, so all I can do is I offer up my prayers that you all suffer no harm.


Jim Klein said...

" the end, the evil ones faces were revealed in all their horror."

True and important. The part that gets so overlooked, is that THAT'S the reason not to be evil.

NM Ranger said...

I want to come there and help but I will only be able to take a week off from work. I don't know what to do, I feel it's important to be there but I won't have a job if I stay more than a week. I don't live so far away, it's my duty. What will I do without a job, though? I was unemployed 6-months in 2013. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

My above post should have read " Bundys and the MILITA guarding them".

I would add the raid if it comes, will be in the dark using night vision. They feel it is a competitive advantage.

Anonymous said...

Capt. John Parker's words it seems must echo down history:

"Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here."

The fools partying up in Las Vegas simply do not understand how terrible the reslove behind those words is.

God protect us all.

If the die be cast then nothing remains but to cry Havoc! and Unleash the dogs of war ...

The unintended consequences will not be pretty but have the possibility of restoring the Republic ... or destroying the last vestiges of legitimacy.

The World watches!


Mark Matis said...

Would it not be truly special if someone with connections in Vegas were to hook these FedPigs up with the right pros in the Vegas area and send them home to Momma with a fresh case of Aids?

Anonymous said...

between Obama being one hell of a gun we have Reid helping Obamas numbers on Firearms..these guys are such dicks that its back firing on them so bad , and as it should

Mark Matis said...

NM Ranger, you should understand that, if it starts, you do not need to be THERE to do your part. They may indeed get to choose where the first shots are fired. But once it's on, every employee of every agency that participates is the enemy and has a target on their backs. Anywhere. Any time. Any way.

This won't just be BLM. You should expect that the FBI, DHS, and ATF at very least will be involved. Where are the nearest offices for those? And where do their employees live in your AO? Save your travel money and make plans to deal with them there.

SWIFT said...

I have to suspect that the reports of FEDs massing in Vegas are true. The government, while crying poor mouth, has tons of money to sustain these jack-booted thugs indefinitely. They will be used. There will be an assault. The militia should not have any large encampments. Break up into three man teams and spread out. There is no doubt aerial drones are mapping the displacement of the militia. Change positions every night. Re-supply will be damn difficult, but it just makes tactical sense.

Anonymous said...

It would be a shame if an unintended consequence of a fedgov attack left sin city semi-permanently in the dark, perhaps via the disabling of large transformers followed by the judicious use of thermite. I hear copper melts well at those temperatures. A few days without air conditioning, refrigeration, or light in buildings with no windows might encourage the locals and unfortunate tourists to keep the jackboots sufficiently occupied. The images of those savages eating each other after a few weeks without running water or easy food would permanently end the appeal of Vegas, and with it, the leftist, unionized occupation of that desert city and state. What a shame indeed.

bloodyspartan said...

Stop quoting other men.
Time to take action and do our Duty. Then we can be those MEN.

If you all keep telling yourselves other mens' words and actions.

You will never get off your ass and do your duty to to be those MEN.

We are so far past John Parker and the pile of Dead grows higher.

The Tyrannical Rules grow and our Country is being sold off in Pieces to the Chinese communists and Muslims.

But feel free to go on quoting the past , Instead of Doing our Duty and making a Future for our People.

Shit or get off the Pot.

Time To Kill the enemy of the Republic and Use our weapons.

Or stay in the past and get rewritten when our enemies win.

Anonymous said...

Please do not worry about your current work commitments. Either you can be there, or you are presently unable. The thought that you want to be there is what is important.

If anything happens to the good people that are in Bunkerville right now, there will be a number of life insurance company jobs immediately available, full or part-time, and the hours are very flexible. Satisfaction his guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering when the Chinese developers and industrialists are going to start appearing in Vegas, to look over "their" property.

I am sure Hateful Harry wants to put on a show for them reminiscent of Tienanmen Square, make them feel right at home.

Anonymous said...

If I could move, I'd be there. But I'm old, infirm and shut-in. I'm praying so hard for you all.
I've lived in this country for 80 years and I know our history; I know your cause is just.

Anonymous said...

Comm links to the outside, with any dependence on public infrastructure, are vulnerable in such cases. Internet, power, cell.... One needs his own power and comms.

Sedition said...

100 heads...per person.

Anonymous said...

If something untoward happens just remember there are plenty of commies in every district.

Gunny G said...

Even as a Fed I remember that I took an oath before boot camp and retook every time I reenlisted or got promoted, once with my WW2 vet father looking on. An oath cannot be rescinded or broken or ignored if one has one iota of honor left.

We're IN the belly of the beast but not OF it and WE ARE the insider threat and we are legion.

Pray for peace, cooler heads and governmental reform but keep your powder dry.

Anonymous said...

"Given that the no fly zone over the Bundy ranch is still in effect"

So if someone took a personal plane over the Bundy ranch, the feds would shoot them down?

Who says we have to wait to test their appetite for evil. Just give me one brave soul

CowboyDan said...

Anon 1052, do you mean a tactic similar to the chat Eric Holder had with the Gonzales family right before the door was kicked in?

The one in which he promised negotiations would continue, remember?

Did it make you proud to be an Anerican, seeing an MP-5 in the face of a six year old?

Yeah, me, too. Not!

Mark Matis said...

Did you ever notice, CowboyDan, how much the agent holding that gun looked like Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry?

Musashi said...

Photo evidence of these jackoffs at the casinos would be useful.

Saint Revolution said...

It is time.

Be men.

WE THE PEOPLE are the boss.

Reid and the FedFucks need to understand this. It's obvious they have forgotten. Time to remind them of their TRUE place in the fucking order.

From THE SHOOTIST (John Wayne):

John Bernard Books:
"I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a-hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them."

John Bernard Books:
"Sometimes it isn't being fast that counts, or even accurate; but WILLING. Most men will draw a breath or blink an eye before they shoot.

I won't."