Friday, April 11, 2014

Boy did this guy step in it.

Collins manages to insult Utahns with comments on Bundy roundup


Anonymous said...

I've got $1k that says this schmuck has a financial interest of some kind in the outcome of this debacle.

I'm not interested in spreading conspiracy stuff. But enough info on the background has come out in the last 24 hrs as to make this plausible. And knowing what has transpired in the past in regards to fracking and pipeline companys, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest that this info is true.

Average Moke said...

Hopefully some good news for a change. Does this look like a win? Darin Bushman - Piute County Commissioner
about an hour ago
A grand win in Bunkerville, the BLM is ceasing operations!

Anonymous said...

Collins' comment seemed immoderate, probably a backhanded insult directed at Mormons.

Lots of Mormons in Utah, Nevada too. I had read in a scholarly article long ago that one of Joseph Smith's reasons for encouraging polygamy years ago was an attempt to prevent inbreeding. They wanted to increase the number of adherents, had many female members, and never married their own relations. I thought that practice stopped once Utah became a state, but my history could be off.

Happy D said...

Considering that Clark county is down stream of Utah for a huge portion of their water and a good portion of their electricity?!

Anonymous said...

Thomas Donald Collins
Age 63

1609 Brooks Ave.
North Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 564-4967