Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Required 4GW reading for Three Percenters.

"Bundy Ranch and the new rules of engagement: Send this analysis to your favorite fed."


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
'Just finished reading the article,"A definite MUST READ!!" Who'd a' thunk it, the I-phone as a "Weapon of WAR!!"???...Ready!....Aim!...Take The PICTURE!!!!

Paul X said...

That is a GREAT article, well worth the read. The three great freedom technologies: rifles for everyone, information technology, and decentralization. Most people aren't aware how much has changed.

Anonymous said...

These incidents go viral Internationally not just Nationally.

Information saved and recorded World Wide ensure that it never vanishes as multiple archives kept totally decentralised make Government control virtually (nice word that!) impossible.

Fibbies - The World watches!
A billion eyes staring back from the Abys ... We are Everywhere!


Anonymous said...

One thing that the article makes clear - and I've been thinking about for the past several days - is that while we may have dozens of citizen journalists 'on the ground' with cellphones, cameras, and internet connections, they all rely upon one thing: A cellphone connection.

You can bet that the next time the Feds plan something like this the first thing they will do is to turn off all nearby cell towers. We need to anticipate that and have alternative forms of communications at our disposal.

Anonymous said...

The Vietnam War was not lost in Southeast Asia. It was lost in the living rooms of the American people. While we were pounding the NVA and VC forces over there, the North Vietnamese government were using the American Media to broadcast their message over here. When you allow your opponent to select and prepare a battle field you have given him an advantage that is difficult to overcome. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is an instant video on YouTube worth? What tactical, strategic, and moral advantage is given by instant tweets from a place like the Bundy Ranch? Imagine if the world had been able to see and critique the ATF and subsequent FBI assaults at Waco or Ruby Ridge? It's been said that Barak Obama won the Presidency on the internet. You would think his minions would have known better that pull some of the stunts they tried on camera at the Bundy Ranch.

Mark Matis said...

Y'all need to understand that YouTube routinely takes down videos when requested. ESPECIALLY when that request comes from Only Ones who have not consented to have their images made public. If you want it to stay out there, you'll need to have alternate means of presenting it.

YouTube is owned by Google, which is one of the several US technology companies that are sucking FedPig dick. And they enjoy the taste of local Yahoos just as much.