Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Bundy Paradigm: Will You Be a Rebel, Revolutionary or a Slave?

Those tempted to write off the standoff at the Bundy Ranch as little more than a show of force by militia-minded citizens would do well to reconsider their easy dismissal of this brewing rebellion. This goes far beyond concerns about grazing rights or the tension between the state and the federal government.


Anonymous said...

This shit is beginning to be circulated:

Just a heads up.

Anonymous said...

dang.... Cliven could have chosen better wording assumming he did say what they said he said. We all know he isn't racist. Heck most in the militia movement are the most non racist people you will ever meet. People equate us to Hitler, but there is no individual I or others hate more than Hitler. Indeed, I would probbaly be tempted to get into an immediate fist fight with any blantant skin head.

Oh well, like I have been saying for some time now. We are damned if we do and damned if we dont. If we try to tip toe and please everyone, they will still hate us. The powers that be have targetted us for extermination and concentration camps. Nothing we say or do can avert their eventual attempts to put us in one or to slaughter us because we want to live free and this is ultimately about freedom versus control.

Anonymous said...

Ya, MSN is picking up the same story.

You see, b/c if you're labeled a "racist" in this country....ANYTHING the feds do is justified.

John said...

With Bundy's foot in mouth racist comments the support for him surely will be dwindling.

Anonymous said...

Anony @ 10:03 AM

I'm afraid Clive Bundy arrived at the chess match carrying a sock full of checkers.

Most of the sympathy Bundy was getting will now evaporate, because there is apparently no edit button between his brain and mouth.

Those camped out around the Bundy Ranch should beat a path out of Nevada in double quick fucking time. Otherwise, the Democratic Party character assassination squad will succeed in destroying them all.

Reality sucks sometimes, but defying it is never wise.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10:03 - 4/24/14

I caught hat one too.
Here a few thoughts that come to my mind;
1- Bundy's comments may have been poorly worded, insensitive and overly generalized, but he does touch on some valid points. Are blacks who are on the dole any better off today than when they were slaves? I would argue they have become chattel of the government with no real way out as long as they continue to accept the tokens of the welfare state.

2- The issues dividing this nation have a racial component and only liars and fools would deny that. Notice how all the politicians who had expressed support for Bundy are now running away from him based on this one opinion. Isn't this just fickle? Is it not childish in the extreme to expect that like-minded folks will always agree 100% of the time on every issue? I don't know anyone who I agree with on everything. Do you?

3- To speak about race in any other way than than the accepted meme of the pop culture is to invite a charge of "racism" or "racist" and that is just plain crap. and the same goes for the issues related to homosexuality. "Homophobe" and "hater" are the first thing out of the mouths of queers when you assert any form of disagreement with their perverse lifestyle choice.

Race relations are not good in this country, even in the "post-race" Obama world. In fact, I would argue that Obama-Holder-Sotomayer and their ilk have done more to damage race relations than anything else in the past 40 - 50 years. They are consummate race-baiters. Isn't it curious that the three political hacks I mention above are beneficiaries of racial preference policies put in place to lift up the "less fortunate people of color"? Yet, they continue to carry on about the lack of equity and fairness everywhere. I suspect they believe that they attained their positions because of their achievements. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I object to Bundy's over-generalization of the Negro (oh, there is a word that really riles them). There are black people who have not bought the lie of Obama and other race-baiters and they are better off for it. However, I would not condemn every aspect of his position because of that disagreement.

Americans of every color need to grow up and stop this shrill nonsense whenever they have disagreements on some issues. There are bigger things that can unite all of us. Politicians should (and this is wishful thinking) quit this game of playing the race card and quit the tactics of pandering for votes based on skin color.

Kevin 3%

Anonymous said...

Tension between state and federal government?

Surely you jest.

Anonymous said...

While the issue of Federal Control-freakism is certainly a growing problem that concerns us all, Cliven Bundy isn't the guy to rally around or make a stand for.

Cliven Bundy, from all reliable sources, is a dim-witted asshat who, like Joe Biden, is prone to frequent verbal gaffes that make most folks cringe.

Being against the government dispatching commando squads over grazing fees or parking tickets is a just cause Mike, but Bundy isn't worth the effort. You would be well advised to bail out of the Bundy Express ASAP, because it's running out of track real quick.

The actual context of what he said doesn't really matter at this point, because the damage is done.

Anonymous said...

Seems like they have a convenient category for everyone.

I wonder what category us older folks, who were educated in the days of patriotism, belief in the founders republic, free speech, and that citizens of our country were the most responsible on earth, fit into.

Most Americans do not fit into rigid, inflexible categories or pigeonholes, but have their own combination of personal experience, education, and association with others that has helped shape their own beliefs and opinions over their lifetimes.

From reading that article, I am concerned that the horrors of "thought crime", envisioned by George Orwell, are rapidly approaching.

Governments are rightly the creation of their citizens, who reserve the right to modify them as the Constitution prescribes.

Elliot said...

"Son, you're on your own." --Reverend Johnson to Sheriff Bart in "Blazing Saddles"

Bundy just brought a skunk to the party. Expect lots of good people to leave in droves. There's no way to creatively interpret his comments to remove that stink.

That's an awful shame, because the issue is the Federal power grab and the militarization of BLM, plus all the Harry Reid crony shenanigans.

Now, it will be dismissed as being about Bundy's racist views.

Randy Weaver is a rotten white separatist. The Davidians had nutty ideas. But that didn't justify how the Feds engaged in murder and mayhem.

I fear this makes an armed raid more likely. They just need to get a few pictures of some less enlightened people who showed up on scene (real or plants), sporting swastika tattoos or something, and then the press will portray it as "racist domestic terrorists" who created a threat which needed to be dealt with.


Anonymous said...

The predictably shallow "progressives" will attempt to twist Mr. Bundy's inquisitive musings on the "(un)intended consequences) of their "Great Society Program" and the ensuing destruction of the black nuclear family. Mr Bundy may not be erudite, (at least in the PC sensitive manner of liberal elite) but as patriarch of a large family he's wise in the ways of the world and human motivations. A wisdom enabling him to ponder if modern black america has only "swapped plantations"; and, perhaps, lost a good deal in the exchange.

A damning indictment of progressivism that can't be left unchallenged. >JH

Joe said...

He was quoted out of context, but everything Cliven Bundy said was 100% CORRECT.

That's MY response, and I'm sticking with it.

Shawn McEwen said...

Here's a different way of looking at the race card. To me this says nothing more than the very real fact that the haters have nothing more with which to condemn this man other than calling him a thief (ain't that calling the kettle black?), and being racist (the old standby when nothing else works). You all had to know it was coming, but what does it matter anyway? The question he asked is a valid question: Are African Americans better off on the dole than they were as slaves? I for one don't see how they could be. The key to that question and answer is not the race, or the status of the person affected by either circumstance, rather the fact that the only difference between the two is merely the character of the master.

Now on to the one about Bundy not being "worth" protecting from the "command squads"... really? Maybe I'm a bit of an idealist here, but I always thought the point of ANY resistance was the ACT of resisting based on one's belief, not the recipient of such efforts based on another's belief. I understand what you're saying about Bundy's choice of words making for a tender situation, but I think some of you are focusing on the racism distraction and not the gestapo of the real issue. If you're going to turn tail and run at the first mention of "racism" what are you going to do when things get nasty? Food for thought.

If the enemy knows what you're afraid of, he will use it to great success.

Shawn McEwen said...

One more thing: I think its funny that at the onset of this spat the family requested that supporters not speak with the press due to fears of being cast unfavorably, and then that particular comment comes from Mr. Bundy himself. I'll bet his family is kicking his ass right now.

I don't believe he meant any ill will. I just think he's a very clumsy, and ill choice for a spokesman.

Anonymous said...

This is very much like the Revolutionary War. The similarity is that only 3% will probably actually stand up and fight....the ones that "support" our side will give donations of time/supplies will likely be 30% at most....30%+ will be on the side of the government....and 30% will blow with the political winds.

For those that are saying we can't support Bundy b/c he's been labeled (rightly or wrongly....I suggest you watch the full clip on YouTube and decide for yourself) a "racist".....guess which group you just signed up for?

Anonymous said...

from Roberts' Rules of Disorder: For a thing to be 'politically incorrect', it must be true.