Friday, April 25, 2014

So, Cliven Bundy's a racist? I still stand between the Bundy family and the armed federal bureaucrats who would kill them if they could.

From Will Grigg: "Alleged racist Cliven Bundy, seen here dropping everything to play with a little brown child."
While I was at the Bundy Ranch on the 19th, I heard that a New York Times reporter who turned out to be Adam Nagourney was in camp seeking an interview with Cliven Bundy. I sought him out and found him and his photographer at the stage area that had been used the day before down by the river for the barbeque. The regular 1:00 PM press conference was in session, and the NYT was the only "press" there, although these sessions have lately been the vehicle by which folks who come to visit get to ask questions of Mr. Bundy.
I knew instantly that Nagourney's presence meant trouble because the NYT only sends regulars like him when the Mandarin class wants to craft a narrative. I was standing to the rear of the crowd while this was going on, so I didn't hear much. After it was over I approached Nagourney about the speeches that would be given at five o'clock, including my own regarding the Jenny Award. I gave him my card. He demurred, saying that he had a deadline and wouldn't be able come to back for the Oath Keeper presentation. He did seem quite rushed. I was perplexed when the article didn't appear the next day, or the next. I should have realized that he already had his story and that the editors were merely reworking it to seek the maximum political damage that it could do to the "enemies of the people" such as Rand Paul
Finally, the Grey Lady grunted, strained, and produced this misshapen meme-progeny: "A Defiant Rancher Savors the Audience That Rallied to His Side."
Then began the howling, and the running in all directions away from Cliven Bundy as if his hair was on fire. The corrupt Senator Palpatine immediately jumped on it with both feet: Harry Reid Issues Statement On "Hateful Racist" Cliven Bundy
April 24, 2014 | Press Release
“This is not a game.”
Las Vegas, NV – Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today on racist comments by Cliven Bundy reported by the New York Tim
“I used to live in North Las Vegas and it is home to some of the hardest-working people I have ever met – men and women who embody the American dream by working hard every day to build a better life for themselves and their families. By contrast, Cliven Bundy has spent decades profiting off government land while refusing to pay the same fair use fees as his fellow ranchers. Today, Bundy revealed himself to be a hateful racist. But by denigrating people who work hard and play by the rules while he mooches off public land he also revealed himself to be a hypocrite.
“To advance his extreme, hateful views, Bundy has endangered the lives of innocent women and children. This is not a game. It is the height of irresponsibility for any individual or entity in a position of power or influence to glorify or romanticize such a dangerous individual, and anyone who has done so should come to their senses and immediately condemn Bundy. For their part, national Republican leaders could help show a united front against this kind of hateful, dangerous extremism by publicly condemning Bundy.
“The bottom line is that elected officials and those in positions of power or influence have a responsibility to unite behind the basic principle that we are a country of laws, and that whatever our differences, it is unacceptable for individuals to use violence or the threat of violence to advance their radical views.”
My initial reaction was not very charitable. I told a friend, "It takes an awful long knife to slit your own throat and those of the people standing next to you in one slash." Some of my best friends were equally pissed off, with one saying, "I don't despise him because he's a racist, I despise him because he's stupid." But another long-time friend provided more wisdom: "Cliven Bundy may be a racist but that's beside the point." Which is exactly true.
With my problems of being on the road, changing computers, etc., others beat me to this observation, notably William Grigg: For Progressives, “Thoughtcrime” is Worse than Mass Murder.
And Pat Dollard discovered that the Nagourney story was not entirely honest in the full context of Mr. Bundy's remarks: "HOAX EXPOSED: Full Clip Of Cliven Bundy’s Non-Racist, Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government Remarks Vs. NYTimes’ Deceptively Edited Version."
Perhaps the best reaction came from Kira Davis: “Who cares? He could believe Bette Midler is the 12th Imam, it doesn’t change the fact that the government has sent SWAT teams to collect a tax bill from a free citizen." Here is the video link and here is the YouTube video:
Now as I have written before, my anti-racist credentials are second to none, having fought the Aryans, the Klan and other FBI-controlled creatures for decades at street level, where it costs. I also am painfully aware of the demonization that is always used to justify the federal murder of innocents like Sammy & Vicki Weaver ("white separatists") and the Davidians ("child molesting religious fanatics").
So when they say that Cliven Bundy's a racist, I have to respond that I still must stand between the Bundy family and the armed federal bureaucrats who would kill them if they could. That is my job as a member of the armed citizenry and I will be there until Cliven Bundy demonstrates that he doesn't want me there or the threat is past. This is not in the end about public relations (although such incidents make that more difficult), but about principle and principle is a hard task master.


Anonymous said...

Racist? I'm not convinced.

The welfare system IS politically correct slavery.

If one can set aside the expressions of an old man who is more adept at punching cows than public speaking, then that's the gist of his comments.

I remember when "Negro" was an acceptable term, and even the slang version was not the capital offense it is today.

Don't let the dead tree media control the narrative here.


Anonymous said...

When the music stops in Bracken's world, Bundy will be vindicated for asking the unspeakable. Everyone knows that now; some of us anticipate it; others plan on it. No one has yet presented a cogent argument against the basic elements of his thesis--he is merely another thought criminal who has been charged.

So what? To the ruling class, that's more a problem when many of us are saying...So what?

Anonymous said...

Miss Davis gets it.

You are absolutely correct, Mike. Part of the long standing strategy of the usurpers is to demonize anyone who would dare to disagree. If he is a "racist" that makes it okay to kill him. That is their aim here.

Miles said...

The 1st stupid thing was allowing a MSM "reporter" on the property. Then the 2nd was Mr. Bundy granting an "interview".

Anyone should have seen the trap being wide open waiting for him to step in it. So, Who in Hell was/is in charge of PR there?

Information operations (propaganda) control the narrative and Mr. Bundy just got a dose of what TPTB are capable of.

Information operations are done to sway the fence sitters, and I've read several of them who have decided to turn away from Mr. Bundy's cause. Just because of this one piece of propagandist trash from the NYT.

My first platoon sergeant said it best; "Experience is the best teacher and someone else's experience is usually must less expensive and painful. Learn Soldiers!"

And we need to learn from what has happened at the Bundy Ranch and in the NYT.

Control the information, you control the narrative, control the narrative and sway the fence sitters.

By freely giving propaganda ammunition to his enemies,(who are already well noted for their twisting of words to their own end) Mr. Bundy just lost the fence sitters and gave to those in positions of power who may have been able to aid and assist, the cover to run away.

SWIFT said...

People who read the New York Times do not do so, for news. They read it for "talking points", in discussions, arguments and communications, to further a left-wing agenda. They are the enemy and they will never be converted. So, why waste time on them? The time for dealing with that enemy, is not yet. Sure as shit, the time will come, just not right now. Everyone's time would be better spent preparing for, "the big fish fry".

Anonymous said...

Clivan Bundy is what used to be called a " straight shooter" who calls them as he sees them. No politically correct speech filter has been implanted in his brain. Substitute "good, honest work" for "pick ing cotton", and "opportunities" for "slavery". So what if he had said, "maybe instead of sitting around with nothing to do collecting welfare from the Federal government, they might be happier earning a living with good honest work? It's too bad the opportunities for them to find work have been taken away and sent overseas.". His comments on Mexicans being good, hard working, family people, were left out of the article. My guess is he was comparing the two lower income lifestyles based on what he has observed. His thought crime was not knowing the politically correct way to state it.

Anonymous said...

Cliven Bundy may or may not be a racist. Not enough info. The article determines neither as it was simply Cliven expressing his observations. Observations that are politically *very* incorrect and the same observations the rest of the thinking population of this country has likely made.

Question for progs:
If the war on poverty and all the money spent was a 'good idea', then why are there *more* people on welfare/SNAP and families broken up than when LBJ started this disaster. Huh?, progs, I can't hear you...

Bob Cat

ChuckB said...

If you track down the unedited video it becomes very clear that his comments were not racist. Perhaps not PR savvy, but sure as heck not racist.

alanstorm said...

When did "I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it" become "I disagree with what you say, and I hope I didn't get any of it on me"?

Anonymous said...

I watched Bundy's interview on CNN This AM, He tried to show the tounge of a dead calf, He seemed rambling and almost disoriented it was painful to watch . He need's to just shut the hell up. The more He talks the more nut case He sound's why in the hell do some People just seem to have an urge to see Themselves on Camera, crave the attention and ultimately self destruct. I think I shall keep My Cammo netting for I suspect His ranch wont be needing it in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I'm old enough to remember when society was wrestling with the controversy over whether "Negro" was more or less offensive than "Colored Man (or Woman)". In that time period, no one called them Blacks or African-Americans, not even themselves. I understand that N****r, is considered to be a derogative because it is most often used as a derogative, as is the use of "Boy" to refer to an African-American who is long past his youth.

What I fail to see is how any of this can be used to justify BLM's use of SWAT teams, snipers and helicopters to attempt to confiscate Cliven Bundy's cattle.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the welfare system is pc slavery, but free grass for 20 years is welfare.

Anonymous said...

This is just another example of how the left twists, cherry picks facts and tells outright lies in order to manufacture propaganda. I still support Cliven 100%. Those who have 'run away', (Rand Paul), should stop and see exactly what is happening here.

Anonymous said...

"Amen" to the gal in the video.

robins111 said...

Pretty sure this would happen, they'd crank up some edited BS story to crucify the man.. Notwithstanding the fact that based on his age, most of his life, the term 'negro' was the PC name for blacks.

Anonymous said...

I knew what Bundy meant with his comment. Indeed, the democrats' welfare system does keep the people who use it for their primary living enslaved. Many times I've said that democrats keep "them" on the plantation. I'm sure that was what Bundy was saying in his own way. Opportunity for decent-paying jobs is what people need and present democrat policies KILL JOBS.

We need to continue defending Bundy and any others whom the government tries to trample.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

Why did Bundy have to give his views on " The Negro "? That is not germane to his case. Now the politicians that were trying to help him have to drop him.
Someone should have to told him never talk to the press. Get a trained PR person to deal with news media. Bundy has shot himself in the foot.
Let's keep an eye on Texas. Bundy is lost cause. He better try to cut a deal with the feds.

Anonymous said...

Ok, C. Bundy is an inarticulate man. I get that. He was trying to make a rhetorical point. The blacks in this country are on the plantation dole, and they don't even know it. No American should live like that.

Anonymous said...

The real question is: are we IIIpers going to show up to the next government abuse of power REGARDLESS of the group's affiliations or motivations?

I hate to bring up the MSM's current meme, but would be willing to finally stand up for PEACEFUL protestors at another Occupy-type movement?

Like the Tea Party was co-opted by the Republicrts, Anarchists took over the focus from Occupy. The Tea Party was originally very libertarian in its focus. Occupy was as first...yet the "right wing media" like Glenn Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity and Fox did their level best to demonize them and focus on the Anarchists (really Collectivist kids hellbent on breaking stuff as a form of "cool" political protest).

Will we stand with them....armed....when next they are shoved into 1st Amendment areas or given a beat down by the government's bully boys...or denied their 1st Amendment right to protest b/c they didn't get a "permit" from the local government?

I sure hope so...otherwise, we're a bunch of worthless, wind-bag hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that, chief.

Pilgrims Pride said...

Everyone needs to just say it:

"Racist!" is a word-weapon Our Royal Masters use to divide us and unite their control over their Sheople.

"So what?" is the only possible response!

Anonymous said...

Everyone check out grigg on twitter making fools out of the regime media attacking Bundy. I don't even have twitter, but have been reading grigg destroy people left and right. As expected, none dare challenge a non white citizen reporter and writer who has documented the BLM doing the same thing to an Indian family, and who has photos of Bundy playing with his brown son.

And the regime media most certainly do not want to address their complete lack of coverage on Obama murdering brown children; or of fat rat sharpton owing 1.5 million in taxes and being a White House advisor, while Bundy gets the swat team of 200 men called on him for a tax bill!

This is the biggest difference between ruby ridge/Waco and Bunkerville - with social media and blogs, we have on the ground reporters who are not from the regime merely repeating what the govt told them. Thank God for will grigg and mike giving us on the ground reports!

Frdmftr said...

Posted to the NYTimes, Oathkeepers, World Net Daily, and elsewhere: "Everyone should come down off their ego tower and recognize two things: Cliven Bundy is an honest man who has worked all of his life and respects a man – any man – who values hard work. Cliven Bundy would say exactly the same thing about white folks if he found them living in the same circumstances. His remarks were not racist; his remarks were opposed to societal leeches living at taxpayer expense.

Gary said...

Tremendous article.

I am new to this site, but will certainly frequent it, now that I've found you.

We the people have lost control of those whom we've elected to represent us, and therefore, must regain control or be doomed to subjugation. Harry Reid is a symptom of a growing cancer in the federal government; a swollen cist on the arse of leadership that must be lanced and drained. And the NYT is nothing more than a companion welt that requires a ‘pop’ as well.

Anonymous said...

They know they were losing so they played the race card.
It's failed as badly as the BLM cattle rustling itself.

The truth will always win out so long as freemen have the courage to tell it.

DC Wright said...

Mike, the words spouted by the NYT attack worm were calculated to have just the effect we've seen, dividing us and the weaker-kneed of Bundy's supporters.

However, I think enough of us have seen through it as to make little or no real difference to his security at the ranch. Have you heard of anyone leaving on account of the article? I know you'd probably hear it first.

Stay safe in the den of the OTHER enemy, the NRA.


D.C. Wright
USMC Retired

Shawn McEwen said...

The woman in the video makes some relevant points. I'm not familiar with her, but she sounds reasonable, and intelligent... which it seems is not the norm for most people people these days.

I also read many of the comments on the NYT story... what a bunch of silver spoon, statist, ignorant, sophomoric, knee jerk, liberty hating, slavish, morons. I will never understand how so many people in this country believe they have the right to force everyone to live by their standards. It's disgustingly revolting, and makes me recoil with shrieking madness at every encounter.

On a different note, it seems there is a lot of room for soul searching here to see if we are willing to let the ominous race card steer us away from the real issue, and scare us away yet again. After reading some of yesterday's posts and responses here, it seems many are willing to do just that. I call bullshit... grow some testicles people!

Anonymous said...

Mike -- your gut instinct was right about Nagourney. I'd actually been waiting for several days for something like this to happen...the 'dark side' trying to change the narrative. I was hoping some media-wise folks would help the Bundys set up a screening system to keep the scummies out, but also to restrict who talks to media and, just as important, who does not. I was hoping with your knowledge of how media works that you could do that. Someone needs to.

Anonymous said...

Bundy is giving another interview to CNN this afternoon. He need's to stick to the issue at hand when He grants these interviews He might think he's a glib orator, well He's not, he's a hard working Cow boy who had the conservative movement behind Him but thanks to His comments on Race They aint there anymore. Say what You will but not with a left wing microphone in Your face.

Paul X said...

This event is almost like a graduate level course in the use of propaganda. Artful editing can change the tone of any speech. Imagine everything we say in the normal course of a day is dissected by our enemies, edited, and thrown up on the nightly news. God, how I hate the ruling class and their bootlicking minions in the Ministry of Propaganda. Thank Heaven and tech nerds for the Internet, where anyone with an ounce of curiosity and some honesty can chase down what the truth of some event really is.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike. Excellent points. I stand with you. Taz, FL

Anonymous said...

Frankly, even in the edited version I find nothing inherently racist.

Would someone be so good as to point out what is "racist"?

CzarChasmIII said...

For me, this has never been specifically about Cliven Bundy from the second I heard about what was going on out there. My first thought when it started getting kicked around at the couple of forums I frequent was, "What the heck is the federal government doing 'owning' 87% of the land mass within any state borders, and is that constitutional?" My research since that day convinces me that it is not, so when I got up yesterday to the shit-storm over these supposedly "racist remarks," I shrugged my shoulders and waited for some more truth to come out, because Lord knows, the NY Times sho' 'nuff ain't the place I go for profound truths.

It's amazing, but Eddie Murphy, Sinbad, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Wanda Sykes and a bunch of other black comedians can make millions crudely and profanely joking about getting whipped for not pickin' enough cotton back in slave days, but one old white man who has lived most of his unsophisticated life on the range working to feed America can't even take a stab at making serious commentary that laments the horrendous treatment by this country's government of blacks, without being labeled a racist.

It really never occurred to me to change how I viewed the situation because of a somewhat clumsy utterance by man whose plight I am in support of. His world view never was a part of my evaluation process of the situation, though now that more truth has come out, I don't really disagree with anything he said about the neo-slavery of government dependency either.

Anonymous said...

I like this lady...I like her a lot.

Anonymous said...

Great point, Miles. My favorite response to a nY times reporter was when they were setting up a hit piece on Rand Paul. They visited the Mises institute to get an interview, and lew Rockwell politely showed them the door and told them he does not speak to agents of the regime. The NY times reporter was absolutely shocked and probably this was the first time it ever happened to him.

In contrast, one of the scholars from the Mises institute, the economist Dr Walter Block, had several hours worth of discussions with a reporter from the ny times. The result? They accused him of being a racist who was in flavor of slavery!

The lesson here is dont even speak to these agents of the regime. Period. This isn't 1995 anymore - newspapers are a dying breed while blogs and social media sites are booming and the future.

Anonymous said...

If they will call me a Western European American , then I will call them African Americans. As far as I'm concerned, we should all be just Americans.

Anonymous said...

For those out there that need it, here is a DIY teleprompter.
Make prepared statements, and stick to them, just like POTUS does.

Anonymous said...

If bundy had been a muslim, would he have gotten as much defense? (a muslim stealing from and not recognizing US or duly represantives for it, gathering friends for a shootout against the feds (using women and children as human shields)
Or would most people here say he was a domestic terrorist and demand Guantanamo for him if he survived the attack from the feds?

Anonymous said...

Who is this woman in the video? I'd like to see a debate between her and Jesse Jackson and/or Al Sharpton. I KNOW she would win and make them both look silly.