Friday, April 25, 2014

Old Yellowstain Boehner "mocks GOP colleagues on immigration reform." The Taliban reluctantly turns down the chance to kill an infidel dog.

"Boehner's appearance in Butler County Thursday was part of a barnstorming effort in his home district leading up to the primary. . . He was in Afghanistan last week." You'll LOVE his comments on the tea party. Pretty ironic coming from the traitorous dog who short-circuited the Fast & Furious investigation when he allowed the FBI to blackmail him.
No doubt in Afghanistan he swapped tips with Karzai on how to be a more corrupt politician and left the Taliban sighing with barely suppressed frustration -- "Yes, we WANT to kill the infidel dog, Atash, but he is doing the Americans more harm than good right where he's at. Don't pull the trigger."


Carl Stevenson said...

Shamelessly lifted from a comment in another thread on WRSA ...

Stripped naked. Tied to a chair. A scalpel. A cordless drill motor with quarter inch high speed bit. A cordless reciprocating saw. A couple three tourniquets. A couple three pouches of Quik-Clot. A short sledge. A Bernz-O-Matic torch. A bolt cutter.
Shit! Did I say that out loud?

Doug Rink said...

Consider the status of the local Republican Party in John Boehner's home county.

Last I heard, it was a broke mess.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me to see someone at WRSA NOT understand why the founders were against such torture. They seem to be a militant lot; quick to temper and *possibly* as tyrannical and any other power-grabber if given the chance. Somehow their particular brand of tyranny will be "for our own good".

Anonymous said...

Boner needs to lose the hard on he has for surrender and GTFO.

He serves no purpose for right thinking people.

Hell, he serves no long-term, responsible purpose for wrong thinking people, either.

Vote the fucker out.

Anonymous said...

Boehner = a pathetic sot masquerading as some sort of statesman. Shame on Ohioans for repeatedly putting him back in office.
How do the Dead Elephants live with themselves? They are the alleged opposition party and they can oppose nothing that the current regime puts forward.

Dirtylittlemule said...

Braahahah! He is actively serving our enemies and doing more harm than good for Americans. Is this soft terrorism?