Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Two doctors appointments and running late.

More later.


Anonymous said...

Saw this from Vox. Thought you'd like it.

Hope your doing better.

James Williams said...

Ann Barnhardt made a good point the other day that this may not be the issue to get behind.

Simply put, they haven't been paying the grazing fees, the 'rent' on the pasture if you will for 20 years.

So, technically, they are freeloaders, the same as welfare cheats and welfare queens. If one were less charitable they could be called thieves.

Is the Fedgov out of control? Yes. Are these Federal agents fascist sissies and out of control? Yes. Does the Fedgov have the right and authority to charge fees to use 'its' land? Yes. The various states ceded this land to the Fedgov as the price for joining the Union. Should the states take back their land and remove the Fedgov? Absolutely. Should DC be shrunk back to it's Constitutional limits. Damn right!