Friday, November 1, 2013

Excellent advice from a perceptive reader regarding potential COINTELPRO operations on the part of the Feds.

Received this in my email in-box.
I had debated writing you but decided to do so for reasons I will elaborate on. First off I understand you have some serious health issues and I want to thank you for continuing the fight through it. It sounds like your hope is secure in Christ and for that I am glad. I’ll keep you in my prayers as well.
I was browsing WRSA (as I do every day) and came across the post indicting you on various charges. Like many new members to this movement, the existing drama is completely unknown to me. I believe I have sorted out the background and, after thinking about it, I do believe some input from an outsider is appropriate.
I do not know Pete, Kerodin, or yourself. The comments I am going to make are made without the intention of indicting any of them because I do not know them.
I have appreciated Pete’s website immensely. However, I was also a bit off-put by the noose. Not “I’m never coming back” put-off, but I also think it is unwise. Furthermore, I believe your very valid point about COINTELPRO is extremely correct. While I can understand the offense taken by Pete and Kerodin (if they are not Feds), your message needs to be heard loud and clear for the following reasons. I have written this as though it were a blog post to the community, and I would appreciate if you would consider posting (or its points) on your blog.
A) SOMEONE, PERHAPS SEVERAL PEOPLE, IN THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT ARE AGENTS. This is simple fact. This movement is the most serious and credible threat to organized tyranny in the West by a good order of magnitude. Gentleman, they are not simply reading your blogs every other day. They have boots on the ground in countless neo-Nazi, terrorist, and various criminal groups across the country and they are doing the same with us. THERE ARE MOLES IN OUR MIDST.
B) A large number of patriot movement members and leaders need to wake up and realize this is no longer a game. This is lethally serious stuff. I know that decades spent in the movement, the genuine goodness of the majority of its members, and the knowledge that we are not fighting for some weird extremism can lull us into a complete sense of normalcy. Gentleman, this IS NOT A GAME. There are very dangerous professionals with very evil intent taking a very close look at anyone associated with this movement. Taking it down is the #1 priority of this Western Tyrannical Monster. If this hasn’t sunk in, put “Department of Homeland Security” or “Central Intelligence Agency” into Google Image Search and scroll through several pages. Take a good hard look. Now tell yourself “All that hardware and manpower is meant for me and my friends.” If that doesn’t chill you to the bone, you need to sell your AR and never mention a word about resisting tyranny to anyone ever again. This is deadly serious, gentleman.
C) Because this IS serious and they HAVE infiltrated this movement somewhere, our behavior needs to change radically and it has to change immediately. In any resistance movement, every member MUST constantly evaluate every other member for ANY signs of compromise. It doesn’t matter if it is your son or brother. It is not personal. The tactics and behaviors of these agents are predictable. Therefore, it is imperative that all Patriots immediately stop ANY behavior or activity that can even be construed as provocateuring and entrapment. That means no more novelty nooses and blithe threats. That means no more perpetuation of vapid disagreements and petty divisiveness. This is what these agents (who WILL increase in number) are going to be trying to do to make sure this movement is Dead On Arrival when the balloon goes up. The only way to identify them accurately is to NEVER, EVER engage in these behaviors as a genuine Patriot.
This doesn’t mean we don’t make statements. This doesn’t mean we don’t continue to educate the public and the criminals in power about the coming consequences of ignoring the advance of extremely professional evil in our nation. It doesn’t mean we are going to be perfect. It does mean we need to stop doing their job for them because THEY DO NOT NEED ANY HELP.
From now on, I will be considering ANYONE engaged in open divisiveness or attempts to incite inappropriate unlawful activity to be a potential Federal plant. They ARE already in our midst and they are ACTIVELY working to destroy us in some way. I do not know who, or where, or how, but I do know it is in motion.
Wise as serpents, gentleman. I will continue to pray for the protection of the true Patriot leadership and exposure of all attempts to deceive. This is not pre-season anymore.
Mike, if you agree with my thoughts here, I would very much like to see this get some exposure. I believe these points need to be drilled into the minds of every single Patriot. Again, my goal is not to get into the overall disagreement, but I do believe your thoughts on the noose post were appropriate. That’s one step away from a motivated and likeable character showing up to a militia meeting trying to sell grenades. Have no association with such men.
Thank you for staying alert and I pray God keeps you in the fight as long as possible.


Matt Bracken said...

I wrote "Enemies Foreign And Domestic" ten years ago so that in later years, (today), I would have some standing to speak on the subject of false-flag operations, agents-provocateurs and so on.

Excellent "guest column" and I entirely agree with its thrust. My usual vehicle for these messages is fiction. I encourage anybody who has not read them to read (or reread) my short stories "Professor Raoul X" and "What I Saw at the Coup."

Don't be a patsy. Don't wind up, wittingly or unwittingly, becoming a tool of the march to tyranny that we all oppose. Don't be a Jimmy Shifflett (the patsy from my first novel) or a Duncan McClaren (the patsy from "Coup.")

Almost anybody can be squeezed into becoming an informant or a patsy with the correct leverage. (Your daughter really needs that organ transplant, doesn't she? I can help make it happen...or not.) Abide by lasting principles, but do not place unquestioning faith in anybody. It will not be a FLEA who infiltrates your circle, the FLEAs will entrap a current, trusted member into becoming their tool.

Anybody, even a trusted member of your circle, who begins to talk about "becoming pro-active" or "taking the fight to the enemy" at this point must be considered an agent-provocateur, and quarantined using counterintelligences procedures.

As the guest columnist said, this is not a game. Don't be a patsy or an unwitting tool of the would-be socialist tyrants we oppose.

Anonymous said...

Amen brother.I know I've been guilty of intemperance at times. Good advice.

Sam Culper said...

Hard to argue with that.

Anonymous said...

For a new guy he made some salient points. +1

The more I think about the various Kerodin stunts and blow-ups, the more I suspect he is an AP (agent provocateur).

Some of us saw that bullshit in the 90's after Waco and the resurgence of the so called "patriot movement". There were quite a few asshole .gov plants anywhere you went.

The only way I know that felons get guns and are not busted for them is they are supplied by their .gov pals.

michael said...

Spot on. I was thinking of this all week. Dividing the Patriot movement will destroy it. Egos have no place in it and are probably only provocateurs put their by the Government.

Anonymous said...

Amen. This brings to mind the movie Flame and Citron.

Rhodes said...

Thanks for doing an excellent job saying what many of us have been attempting to get across to these three. Not all are equal in blame yet all have participated.

Civility to one another breeds insight. We are in desperate need of it.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely SPOT ON. Direct and to the point and extremely accurate. For that reason I have been preparing what you refer to as "Range Cards" so if and when these Gubmint Goons decide to turn their Gestapo loose on us I do not want it to be a one sided battle. By using the information I have compiled, the clowns behind this attack on US need to know that I know where they live as well as all the members of their family. The "Powers That Be" in DC need to be aware that when they push the "GO BUTTON" for them to come after US that members of their own family become targets. That might be their parents, children, wife's sisters and maybe even Auntie Petunia. Each and every one of them can become potential targets for revenge on the Gubmint going rogue. I do not think they have thought out the consequences of their desire to dismantle the Constitution. Perhaps they think that they can sit in their Ivory Tower and look down their noses at us, but it is the American Citizens that built this Nation and the American Military that has protected this Nation in the past and it might be up to us Veterans to keep this Nation from sliding into tyranny.

Joseph P. Martino said...

Watching for infiltrators is important. But we can't afford to become so paranoid we don't trust anybody. The Brits were successful in turning IRA leaders against each other by leaking info that some were Brit agents.

SWIFT said...

Not all of the infiltrators/provocateurs will be FEDS. The serial liars of the Pennsylvania State Police were part of a JTTF in 2005, out of Pittsburgh, that took down five militia members in Operation Mountain Lightning. One was acquitted of all the drama queening charges. With the JTTF's, an infiltrator can be with any agency,Fed, State, or Local. I stayed out of trouble because I make no new friends.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon at 10:57....real 3pers don't threaten the innocent. Family members of these enemies of freedom are NOT legitimate targets....unless you're of K's ilk.

Keith Grogg said...

If you don't mind, I'd like to copy this to my groups forum...VERY wise words!!!

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story:

Don't be the guy who shows up at the chess tournament with a paper sack full of checkers and his pecker hanging out.

Steve Ramsey said...

Like the author of this letter, I to do not know Pete, Kerodin, or yourself.

I did my own independent research and came to my own conclusions. Mike is what he is, like it or not, but he has never concealed anything about himself that I can find. Plant? Well, the worst compensated .gov operative ever if that's the case. The mere notion is laughable.

Kerodin on the other hand has one face for the general public (Mr friendly prepper) and one for the patriot community (foul mouthed, threatening tough guy). His history is somewhat colorful to say the least. But the important thing to understand about Kerodin is that he is a very charismatic salesman. Or hustler, you decide. He will attack and or make threats against anyone he deems opposition. He Attacks Rawles for simply dissociating himself from the citadel project. Really? Rawles?

Pete is a big disappointment to me. Having become increasingly shrill as of late, he has taken to censoring comments casting his new found buddy Kerodin in a poor light. Worse, He took down part of a response I made, and inserted his own words as if they were mine. If he had modded down the whole post, I would have no problem with that. But he inserted HIS words into my mouth. He stared a fight, but was unwilling to slug it out.

That is despicable.

Is Kerodin a plant? A rather elaborate one if he is. The peculiarities and ongoing drama would seem to make him unsuitable. Informant maybe, but plant? Doubt it.

Pete? No, he's just allowed himself to be duped by the Kerodin Charisma. The shrillness and noose/gallows imagery is disturbing and not useful. And manipulating comments instead of simply disallowing them shows a deep character flaw.

This whole dustup has been useful in one way though. it has shown that there is a divisive, predatory element to the movement. One that basically uses it as a front to bully and coerce others into compliance with it's views and goals, which in many cases have nothing to do with restoration of the republic, but simple control in the event of a breakdown in civility.

This element is going to make it's move, and try to dominate the landscape. They aren't patriots, they are warlords in waiting. The attempted co-opting and selling of the III imagery indicates that those involved aren't in this for anything but themselves. Kerodin himslf has sued over trademark infringements in the past. Given that there are a ton of AR-15 and 1911 builders out there saturating the market, they cannot expect big money manufacturing those platforms. I believe they expect to make their money via litigation, and would be looking for them to extent their trademark rights to 'III" to goods outside of firearms as well.

This divisive and self serving element in the patriot movement needs to be carved out and discarded.

Matt Bracken said...

Good point, JPM.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Matt Bracken reads this blog! I'm in good company!

We should definitely be using "passive resistance" right now at this (early) stage of the game, if that even. "Active resistance" will get you killed, and the media will spin it so that you're the bad guy.

Look at the American Revolutionary War for the example to follow. Before 1776, the Colonists didn't do anything (too...) stupid. They put up with A LOT before bullets started flying.

The Sugar Act.
The Currency Act.
The Quartering Acts.
The Stamp Act of 1765.
The Declaratory Act.

Not to mention the Royal Proclamation of 1763

(Yes, a history-junky reads your blog.)

All of those were enacted a solid decade before 1776. It wasn't until the Crown tried to disarm the Colonists that they started shooting, but by then they had everything in place to keep a war going:

They had General Washington leading an army, they had set up a Continental Congress. They were ready to fight a war. We don't have anything like that today (as far as I know anyways, I'll happily admit that I'm on the outskirts of this whole thing...).

We today are not ready to fight a war, and should not pretend to be ready.

I'd say we're still at the very beginning stages.

LongRifle said...

Thank you for the guest post. COINTELPRO is serious stuff and is in action by by local, state, and federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the community as you read this.

I agree with him that the nooses are a bad idea. It's a sideshow distraction from the main event and if the masses are asses, why give them ammunition to fire back at us. If certain people think IIIs are pussies because they want to use some common sense in this fight and not go all Leeroy Jenkins then let them think that. They aren't in my team or AO, so to me it changes nothing.

I too was put off, but not the "I'm never coming back put off." I'm just a little more on-guard about what WRSA, SSI, and 3% Patriots stand behind.

To the anonymous poster at 10:57.

Check your fire.

oughtsix said...

Steve Ramsey has the right of it.

"This divisive and self serving element in the patriot movement needs to be carved out and discarded."

But how? The only thing any of us can do without bringing attention to that is to ignore it, and that will not make them go away or desist.

If we don't continue to oppose them, they will continue to co-opt the movement and bring in converts under false premises deadly to our cause.

FWIW, K seems to attract those who are so entirely fed up and irate that they think it's way past time to get it on. I feel that strongly myself... the frustration of watching ever more deadly behavior from the regime and the constant drum beat of endless outrage makes it completely understandable.

He also attracts those who need their reading comp, character analysis, bullshitometers and moral compasses upgraded and recalibrated.

That said, I have no good answers except, perhaps, to cease referring to K by name, and to continue to promote and defend our own positions as vigorously as possible.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Mr. Bracken for his educated commentary. Thanks too for making his books available via Kindle for those of us with limited resources. He is an author worth reading..

turner ashby said...

Sam Culper I have a question for you. Can you write up an effective counter intelligence OP to an COINTELPRO attack on a member or group or can you point me in the correct direction on an effective Counter intelligence attack on some BS COINTELPRO OP. I can guarentee you the POS FED are going to start with this crap and I want to know how we can go on the offensive against them when they start lighting it up. One of their favorite tricks is to set up a leader with the classic sexual predator rap. The leader is accused of raping someone, child porn is found on their computer (I believe they already tried this on Rhoades) someones face shows up on the front page of a newspaper (a sketch from a witness) or a sexual attacker stalker etc that of course is the image of the militia leader or III leader. Do you know anything about the chain of command of such ops? I would imagine it starts with FBI and is carried out on the local level. Do you have any suggestions on how to trace back the origins of such attacks so that any agents who engage in an attack can be outed?

oughtsix said...

Great comments, Steve. Yours and the original post echo my thoughts mighty close.

CP said...


This internecine squabbling is getting tiresome.

Take Col. Martino's words to heart, take a day or two off, and then come back with some ideas on how to fight the real enemy.

Steve Ramsey said...

oughtsix said...

"But how? The only thing any of us can do without bringing attention to that is to ignore it".

NEVER ignore it. Argue it.

Kerodin and company may well classify it as an active campaign to discredit him. But it is his own words and the naked attempts of his allies to conceal and obfuscate the facts that will diminish their influence.

The rules are, pithy quips and humorous jabs aside:

1.Use facts.

2.Fight fair.

3. If, on occasion they are right, intentionally or not, acknowledge it. This is NOT a dispute to be settled with propaganda.

4. Keep your own house clean.

Meister said...

This is the reason I'm a fringe observer to the local and national patriot movement. Too many people I've known have been caught up in media stings, gov extortion and character assassinations to allow myself and my friends to become entwined in a large scale public movement. It's just too risky. The powers that be can bankrupt you and ruin your life without ever bringing you up on charges. The mere news report on a possible investigation will be enough to end your career or subvert your cause.

The Militia in my area was infiltrated by a local news agency and they cut and pasted enough sound bites to make the group sound like a neo nazi hate group. It was summarily disbanded due to the number of law enforcement personnel involved in the group that had their jobs and families threatened. The organization did much for the community behind the scenes and it is sorely missed. It was a county wide intelligence service that was operating to augment law enforcement. It worked flawlessly.

Matt Bracken (thanks for the free downloads recently) and yourself are heralds of the cause. I'd love to see parts of these stories on the sidebar of your page. Many people I deal with have asked about joining up in national groups but I always encourage them not to get involved due to the likelihood that the organization is tainted. The more radical, the more likely it's going to be run or monitored by the opposition.

Beware He Fury of a Patient Man- John Dryden

Anonymous said...

Resource compiled by Claire Wolfe --