Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 Reasons Why Childish Liberals Love The Hunger Games

Boot has a point.


Anonymous said...

I saw the whole HG thing as an indictment of our ever growing, powerful central government. No liberal should like that. But I guess we each see things through our own eyes.

Anonymous said...

Having read the books, I would say the current "top rated comments" below the article reflect my views of the storyline.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one noticing they're also "childless" as well ?

Having progeny has a profound effect, (or at least it should), on how one conducts oneself ! >Jeff

QuietMan said...

That's one view. Having just seen "Catching Fire" here's another view.

HG was about discovering there is discontent and the rise of a a focal figure. Whether or not she is a leader remains to be seen, but skilled presentation of her can buffer some of that.

CF begins to show the relationship between the underground (Hamitch, the Game Master, et al.) and alludes to an auxiliary. Any more would be a spoiler.

And they're holding up III fingers. I'm sure that was an accident. I'm also sure you could skillfully spin that.

I haven't read the third book, but I'll bet District 13 turns out to be a real pain to the capitol.

I may be a hopeless optimist, but my people come from District 12: Always bet on the hillbilly. Always.

Anonymous said...

Boots with a real point:

Kent McManigal said...

I think the author of that piece has a childish attachment to The State (as long as it upholds his "conservative values" [sic]) which caused him to miss the whole point of the books/movies.
I have noticed, from some of the "conservatives" in my own family, that they don't like The State being portrayed as the villain in this series. They express it in ways to hide that fact, but that is what it boils down to.

countenance said...

I think of HG every time I read another "Boomtown" feature on Bretibart (the growth of Washington, D.C. at the expense of the country at large).

Anonymous said...

Hunger Games?

They all have such chubby cheeks!


FedUp said...

I think the books, while not rising to the level of "Animal Farm", are decent anti totalitarian propaganda.

The 3rd book does a good job at demonstrating that the leaders who want to overthrow the current dictators in the name of liberty just want their own turn at the throne.

It also demonstrates the meaning of 'false flag operation' to a new generation of the historically ignorant masses.

Grantmeliberty said...

Having read the books, and not having seen or intending to see the movies, I would suggest that the major element lacking is God. Without God, there is no basis for right and wrong, good and evil, and there is no basis for hope and an expectation of a just resolution to the evils of the world. Hope is an empty word without a basis in a loving Heavenly Father.

Anonymous said...

HG is the type of society that the Left wants for America....and the world.