Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Illinois Governor Quinn signs new gun law to punish crime victims

So, in summation, a bill that would have required that sex offender registration fees be used for programs intended to combat sex crimes, has instead morphed into a law that A) makes potential criminals of theft victims; B) sort of "requires" someone selling a gun to check with the state police on the validity of the prospective buyer's FOID card, but imposes no penalties for not doing so--making the "law" more akin to a suggestion; and C) makes it easier for cops with a mental illness history to have their gun rights restored than is the case for the rest of us.


Anonymous said...


The 7th issues a first of its kind lower court order up ban the Illinois carry ban. In response, the Illinois legislature - both democrats AND republicans impose not only the same exact language that the court struck down but also a net GAIN in gun control "laws". All while the NRA willingly helps the Illinois state police implement all of it.

To all those "donating" to the NRA, the ISRA and other various like groups - A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ATE SOON PARTED.

Anonymous said...

If universal background checks is the price Illinoians paid for Conceal Carry, then the price was too HIGH!!!

Please if you can share this story with others.

This whole vote smells of a great big NRA/ISRA compromise.

The Illinois House voted for the final bill 109-0 in favor of the bill.