Saturday, August 31, 2013

NFATCA Follies. All that groveling and snitching and they got exactly dick to show for it. They can't blame this one on Ramsey A. Bear.

Readers may recall my post from nearly three years ago, "The True Story of the Life of "R.A. Bear": Inception & impregnation into the minds of the ATF via a highly placed snitch named Dan Shea of the NFATCA," detailing one aspect of the machinations attendant to the symbiotic relationship between Dan Shea and John Brown and the federal gun cops.
Now we have this important post from David Codrea detailing another result of all that groveling and snitching: "NFA firearms collectors group initiated ATF gun trust rule change."
While this column expressed concerns for the new requirements, commentators weighed in emphasizing the benefits of doing away with the CLEO signature requirement, as the current state of affairs allows a police chief or sheriff to ignore the application, thus halting the firearms transfer. The change was thus represented by some as a tradeoff worth making.
“Unfortunately, we just obtained a copy of the 62-page proposal and the above statement is a false depiction of the actual proposal, as everyone was made to believe that the CLEO signature requirement would be eliminated in exchange for additional regulations on fictitious entities,” Prince explained. “ATF will NOT be eliminating the CLEO requirement and instead IMPOSING it on ALL entities.”
David concludes:
What’s apparent from these new revelations is that additional public scrutiny is required, including scrutiny of backroom deals being arranged without fanfare by special interest groups who petition for changes to regulations that will reach beyond their membership of collectors and investors. What is unknown at this time is what changes the White House will insist on before a final draft is presented for public comment. That period has not yet begun, but when it does, as today’s revelations should make clear, it will be in the interests of all gun owners to become informed and engaged.
Be sure and go to the link and pass it along. I'll have more on this later, including an interview with sources close to Ramsey A. Bear. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I've worked for and with NFA dealers and manufacturers for almost 30 years.

There is very much a "country club" attitude with many collectors of NFA firearms. You're either "in" or you're not.

And if you're not 'in', many of them think you shouldn't be able to own any kind of firearm.
I know more than a few NFA collectors/dealers who voted for Obama, and are just pleased as punch with increased gun regulation (as long as they are left alone).

The NFATCA when I first encountered it came off smelling less than fresh, when they stated how they'd be working "closely with the BATF and DOJ" (Talk about sleeping with the enemy, this bordered on 'taking it in the ass').

There were also proposals and spiel about "educating the public" -I have yet to see any form of real or demonstrable form of public education even suggested, other than ads at gun-shows or in MGN/SAR magazine, effectively limiting that "education" to 'preaching to the choir'.

Lastly, has anyone seen any form of aid or assistance to NFA dealers or collectors being harassed by the ATF/DOJ from the NFATCA?

Not that the NRA is doing much either, but they never were very concerned with NFA items.

You'd think a group that touts itself as being for the NFA community would be offering legal aid or assistance, ('educating the public') in cases involving their targeted core membership pool.

"We have met the enemy, and he is us" never rang more true.

Allen said...

anon 11:48 is correct...many NFA types are more interested in the value of their collections.

a real organization would be interested in more members, and the only way to do that is to overturn the prohibition from 1986. but they have no interest in that.

Anonymous said...

Overturn GCA 86? Why not NFA 34 all together? US v. Miller contains all the evidence in the world to nullify NFA. It never was constitutional.