Friday, August 30, 2013

'Harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon'? Maybe if you ignore economics

Besides, is anyone seriously trying to argue that the right to effective fighting arms is less fundamental than the right to vote? What would you rather say to the government hired gun coming to haul you off to the gulag--"Stop, or I won't vote for your boss," or "Stop, or I'll blow your balls off'?" Is Clinton also unaware that, "When democracy turns to tyranny, the armed citizen still gets to vote"? That's a dangerous lapse.


Jay in Florida said...

Say it enough times and the ignorant uniformed will believe it.
True as usual. If I have to show a picture ID prove who I am to buy a rifle.
That's the least I can do to vote as often and repeatedly as possible. Just kidding.......

Paul X said...

The proper response to Clinton's claim is a guffaw.

As to Kurt's protest that this country is not a democracy but a republic, his connection to reality seems a bit tenuous. Fundamental rights are routinely voted away in Congress. In fact both rights and representation are very questionable notions, that look more like propaganda than reality.

William Flatt said...

Voting with lead is the only recourse left to us at this point; the only question is.. when?

The answer to that lies somewhere in the locus between getting ourselves properly organized, getting the pro-freedom public fully on our side, and the other side making that one fateful move that gives us the moral high ground (as in.. no Fort Sumpters).

I don't vote anymore. I'm a material witness to the repeated rigging of our elections by the Diebold man, and history informs us that it's either the ballot or the bullet.

I only wish that our grandparents had caught the tyranny when they had a chance to fix it with a minimum of disorder. Because our elders didn't, it falls to us. Let us not make the unpardonable sin of allowing the fight to be passed on to our kids & their children. LIBERTY IN OUR LIFETIME!!