Monday, August 26, 2013

The Pervasive Evil of Communism…and the Moral Bankruptcy of Communist Apologists

And one of the commenters asks: "How are communism and socialism 'evil'?"


Old Dog said...

OH I don't know, check their body counts maybe?

Sean said...

One of the other commentators said something about "we shouldn't be throwing stones, because of Jim Crow, Wounded Knee, Hiroshima". I didn't know Hiroshima was something to be ashamed of. Oh,yeah, the bullshit argument because we have had sins, that we should not mention the sins of others leads to more silence while evil abounds, and nothing changes. I think you could make the argument too, that keeping quiet about evil in progress amounts to tacit agreement with it. Anyway, I am sick to death of people like that who want to change the subject about rampant human brutality and evil, and place the focus elsewhere, because, because! They are no better than the monsters who do this stuff.