Friday, August 30, 2013

Grandpa's Corollary to the Peter Principle. Anti-firearm zealot Andrew Traver, locked out of his dream job at ATF, gets picked by the Navy to head NCIS.

I once tried to explain to my grandfather about the Peter Principle, which states that in a hierarchy people rise to their level of incompetence, where they then stay forever. He looked at me and said, "You mean shit floats to the top. Hell, I knew that." Here is proof positive of Grandpa's corollary to the Peter Principle: Navy chief picks former ATF nominee to head NCIS


SWIFT said...

Well, at least this promotion keeps that son-of-a-bitch Traver out of our hair. But, I have to wonder how many political strings had to be pulled for the appointment? You have to admit, the Obama administration does look after it's anti-gun faithful. No scumbag left behind.

pdxr13 said...

With brief internet research...

All Andrew Traver, nominee for NCIs Director job, articles make mention of his USN "career".

So, I wanted to see how distinguished it was. He served on a ship. Nice. What did it do? The cold war was on, and it did a bunch of exercises, went to a bunch of ports, and spent A LOT of time being re-fitted. I would call it an exercise in tedium. No black mark on Traver for being lucky to serve easy duty. But, he graduated from college in 1985, went to Naval OCS, then served until 1987. Is it possible that he got 2 years of active duty? I wouldn't even put that on my resume, and understand why start and end dates are mostly deleted in favor of "Naval Veteran and Cancer Survivor". The other question to ask is "What was the Hardship that ended a career short of the initial obligated time?" I see a possible problem here that could be a fraud and failure to perform that was the beginning of a distinguished career as an anti-gunner puppet from Shy-town.

He can never get a job requiring Senate confirmation. Thank goodness.