Saturday, August 24, 2013



Anonymous said...

Ha ! good likeness. Micro managing every possible aspect of our lives has been the Socialist control freaks wet dream for years. The way they went about " passing " this , " law " revealed who and what they are. I have of course no way of proving this , it is my personal opinion , I think Boehner and some of the others have been threatened, This guy looks like a man who is scared shitless , and with good reason , the body count this administration is racking up could rival Stalin or Mao before it's over .

William Flatt said...

No, Anon @ 3:18, Boehner is just a yellowstain RINO sellout, a prime example of what's fatally wrong with the Dead Elephant Party and why the statists are winning big time.

When principle ceases to be the guiding factor in national leadership, the slippery slope NEVER ends. That is why we must inevitably have a 2nd American Revolution. It's too late to save the Republic, but a wee bit too early (even still) to shoot the bastards!!