Thursday, August 22, 2013

Overpasses For Obama's Impeachment, Two Patriots Arrested



SWIFT said...

A choke hold has been outlawed in most PD's for decades. what's up with this? Can you say a minimum 7 figure settlement?

Anonymous said...

I think the best policy for protesters would be to obey the order of a law officer while collecting evidence at the scene and then take them to court with a lawsuit. After all it is against the law to disobey the orders of a law officer, whether the officer is right or wrong. If that sounds chicken, then so be it. We can fight for our rights a whole lot better out of jail than from jail.

- Old Greybeard

WarriorClass III said...

Cops will continue doing this until it costs them personally.

Anonymous said...

Shit part is, you'll likely lose the case. The police will claim that "in their opinion" you were causing traffic to back up and therefore "in the interest of public safety"...they were within their rights to tell you to disperse; first amendment be damned.

Serve on your local juries's the only way to protect our civil liberties.

Doug Rink said...

These overpass demonstrations are no more than sidewalk protests. And peaceful sidewalk protests have long been a legal venue to express dissent in America. Sidewalk protests were a common tactic of the the civil rights movement, even the suffrage movement.

From Library of Congress:

So, why's the Missouri State Patrol being so heavy handed with anti-Obama overpass demonstrators?

Of course, Missouri's the same state that banished a rodeo clown for wearing an Obama mask.

Is a pattern of ideological harassment taking shape in the 'Show Me State'?

Anonymous said...

Old Greybeard....the legal argument would be that the protestor didn't have "standing" b/c no "real" injury occurred.

Obviously, we'd disagree and say that their right to protest/assemble was denied....but a court could very well find that not to be the case.

Anonymous said...

Cops will continue to do this until they become personally afraid to stop a peaceful sidewalk protest.
A large media presence or a large and angry crowd come to mind or maybe a small really really angry crowd, but if the State loses umpteen millions of taxpayer money in settlement later it means nothing to the rank and file LEO who will lie to protect their job.
And speaking politely while applying a choke hold doesn't mean he's a righteous cop.

Anonymous said...

Old grey beard , so if the officer gives you a direct order to jump off that bridge or overpass- you are saying people must do do "because its a direct order from a officer"?

That's what you are saying - blind obedience is what you spouted there

Friend, even in the standing military unlawful orders are to be refused.

The ONLY people causing traffic problems here were the "police" blocking the roads with their vehicles in order to exit them and harass Americans doing nothing more than exercising their enumerated rights.

Per your comment position, all police officers have to do is "order" each Citizen to DISARM entirely and YOU are saying everyone should follow orders.
What a crock!

So tell us all here Old Grey, just when would YOU "disobey" and why would you do so? Please explain why you would violate your own "rule" and why you would be right to do so then but this fella drawing his own line -pursuing his own happiness via exercise of enumerated rights - is improper but your example would be justified.

With all due respect to you - I think your "stand down" order is part of the problem in this country and a major contributor in why its so outlandishly spiraling into a full blown dictatorship. When Citizens willingly submit their rights and then jump to trying to convince others that they must also do so, it's all over cuz the fat lady is belting out a long solo.

Anonymous said...

He did resist by clasping his hands together. Ask any cop you trust, any Oathkeeper - that is resisting. It's not up to the street cop to work out these court cases. He has to obey his sergeant, who was probably standing right there. Do you think he can start a one-man revolution right there?

If violence is used at this stage, those individuals will feel the full might of the establishment, and resisting is considered violence.

The only path is non-violence for now (look at the power it holds as shown by MLK, Gandhi) until that is shown to be futile.

Dubya Bee