Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hunting dead elephants in South Carolina.

Challengers to South Carolina Senator Are Lining Up on the Right


Anonymous said...

The RNC is loving it too. The more lining up the better. Water down the opposition and then claim that none of then can beat any democrat so folks had better vote lesser of two evils and pull the handle for graham.

Showing massive opposition to him is great but in order to beat the Old Guard people have to realize the game being played. This long line needs to sit down together after a couple months and choose ONE that they will all support - think of it as a pre primary. I'm all for every one of them being on the ballot if they each choose that but they have to realize that BOTH parties have worked it out so that this right to run works AGAINST US and in their favor - they win easier when opposition isn't organized.

Last time around, Illinois had three opposing the (R) and had those three picked one to stand for election the feckless (R) party would have LOST and the victor very well could have defeated the idiot Quinn.

We The People have to recognize that we have to beat the Democrats AND the the Republicans in order to restore the Constitution and the Republic it established.

Anonymous said...

@Anon August 27, 2013 at 9:21 AM--

The SC R primary requires 50% +1 to win it. What we want to have happen is Graham to get less than 50% and be forced into a run off. Multiple candidates help this happen, arguably. Hopefully, whoever is in second place (I assume Graham will be in first) will be strong enough to take Graham out in the runoff.

It is an uphill battle but Cash and Bright look decent. Mace troubles me but if she can knock off Graham, then she is my hero.

Whoever wins the R primary will win the general in SC, the Dems are too lost in that state to be competitive. Frankly, I'd rather see the Dem win if Graham wins the R primary.

Long ways to go but glad to see the NYT hacked today.

Anonymous said...

Grahmnesty's little buddy McNasty is up for reelection. Hopefully he will be challenged as well. Getting rid of these to Reagan Democrats will be good for the nation. I also would love to see a challenge to the Orange Weeper for his House seat in Ohio.