Monday, August 26, 2013

Wait. . . weren't the hobbits the good guys who defeated the ultimate evil Sauron?

Ex-U.S. attorney rages against 'a--hole' journalist.
“You are a nasty, little, cowardly spud,” shouted Letten. “All of you, you’re hobbits. You are less than I can ever tell you. You are scum. Do you understand?”
I guess that puts this ex-fed on the side of Sauron the ultimate evil one.


Anonymous said...

A government that secures the blessings of liberty is like a hand cupped with water resting naturally in its palm. However, when the hand clenches and attempts to squeeze the water, it is no longer resting and seeks a place it can do so. The harder the fist squeezes, the more the water leaks.

That's what's happening here. The forces of darkness, the squeezer, was just doused with leaks. The truth slipped through the attempt at intimidation. What James is doing, and others as well, has troglodytes like this man all the way to the likes of Dick Durbin shaking in their boots looking for the next generation of gun control - free press control!

Glad to see this post here Mike. It shows that you really do tout Liberty itself as opposed to so many window breaking claims made against you. In fact, this mirrors your "smuggling" scenario. Exercise RIGHTS for it is really the BEST way to defend them.

SWIFT said...

Elitists, be they left or right, do not lose their supposed superior mentality when they retire, move up, or change careers. If you are born an elitist dirt bag, your's is a life long commitment to being the biggest and best pile of shit possible.

Anonymous said...

In the past when I have run across Political A-Holes, the "Reward" I have for them is a batch of KUDZU. It isn't too hard to plant a batch of kudzu on their property and since it is known as "The Vine That Ate The South" it doesn't take too long to take root and show it's bright green leafy vines. For some folks I have used a fast-food soft drink cup to hold a long piece of string (3 feet, folded in half with the fold down in the cup and the two tails loose outside the cup. A slit in the cup edge holds them in place). Fill the cup with some mixed Miracle-Grow Plant food and freeze it to make a nice ice ball with the strings (discard the cup before throwing it into their yard). In the past I have been able to throw an ice ball (with a handful of 2 foot long kudzu vines) around 50 feet and then just waited for them to take root. I guess in the case of this former U.S. Attorney, it could be called the Garden of EVEN. Payback is a Bitch.