Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Federal Empire strikes, and then strikes again.

What Happens When a Man Takes on the Feds: Buckyballs was the hottest office game on the market. Then regulators banned it. Now the government wants to ruin the CEO who fought back.


johnny gee said...

Scarier than concentration camps if you ask me. Johnny Gee

Anonymous said...

All that is needed would be a list of names of these Gubmint NAZIS along with whatever home address info that can be found. If they were to be on the receiving end of several thousand citizens who don't like their kind of actions, things might change.
As an example, one of my neighbors once got shafted by an insurance company. Neighbor owned a print shop and managed to get his hands on one of those "Business Reply Mail" envelopes that the receiving party pays for the postage. I was told that more than 5000 copies of the "Business Reply" info was printed on paper that was just the right size to wrap around a brick. Not only did the offending insurance company get to pay the "letter rate" for the business reply bricks but they got to pay for the weight of all 5000+ bricks that were sent to them.
That is just ONE example of how a little revenge can work.
Mu favorite trick is to dump some DRY ready mix concrete powder into a sewer cleanout plug, plus several other tricks. Revenge is sweet when a lot more folks join in on the fun. Make their lives as miserable as possible.

William Flatt said...

Certain individuals within the government have turned nearly every agency into bureaucratic weapons that can be used to harass, annoy, persecute and oppress law-abiding Americans. There is rapidly approaching a point when Americans are going to turn to violence to get the yoke of tyranny off their back.

Taking a page from Ross' novel Unintended Consequences, I foresee these fed-up Americans directly going after these individuals within the government; they will target these oppressors with diverse means and methods of revenge just like in that novel. I imagine that when that day comes, the responsible parties at the CPSC will (for example) possibly be done in by some consumer product in their own home that has been tampered with; electrocuted by their electric razor or cooked alive standing in front of their tampered microwave waiting for their leftovers to warm up... then similarly to IRS auditors, EPA regulators, USDA, and other reviled quislings. The list goes on...

When the balloon goes up, and agency chiefs, regional honchos, office heads, and other government employees start turning up dead in significant numbers, you'll know.... you'll know that people are exacting their pound of flesh for all of the misery, all the businesses lost, all the families torn apart, all the lives destroyed... because of these functionaries in our leviathan government. If the Grim Reaper doesn't first claim individuals like Lon Horiuchi, Janet Reno, and others on account of old age, disease, or accident; rest assured that someone out there will no doubt "count coup" on these tyrants, their underlings, and the jack booted thugs that do their bidding... and send them straight to hell!

Oddly, they're making it easier to avoid the accidental targeting of innocent public servants: the regime has already started purging the oath-keeping lawmen and soldiers, the whistle-blowers and other workers who are not morally impaired, the dissidents, and anyone else who is not an enthusiastic participant in the totalitarian machinery. Thus, when it comes to blows, you'll know that no one working for the government is either innocent or without blood on their hands. The ones remaining will fully and utterly deserve everything that they get.

The tyrants know this already and that's why they have declared the 50 states to be a battlefield. That's why the federal government has been quietly making arrangements with other nations for their military to be deployed on US soil against all of us in the event of 'unrest', whereupon the regime here makes its request for outside intervention. These 'civil assistance pacts' have been inked not only with our neighbors and allies like Canada, but also nations that would love to militarily destroy us like China. And yes, I'm talking about a real-life Red Dawn situation. This particular treason is how the collectivists intend to get around those police & military who refuse to turn their guns on their fellow citizens...

This particular tyranny with the CPSC is just one more indictment against a regime that is shamelessly overt in its criminality.