Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Not a bad idea. Taking the K out of Kolorado.

Group pushes to nullify magazine limits through constitutional amendment.


FedUp said...

A constitutional amendment that says 2A rights are subject to popular vote?

Count me out.

Why not an amendment that says 2A rights can't be violated? (which, of course, is subject to being replaced by a newer amendment, which can be enacted by popular vote, but at least it doesn't come right out and say 'our rights can only be voted away by 51% of The People')knanen.

FedUp said...

knanen means I typed the prove you're not a robot word and it ended up in the comment box.

Anonymous said...

Agree with FedUp....

While a well-meaning gesture...the fact is that UNALIENABLE rights are just that.

They are not subject to the whim (or tyranny) of the majority.

What's next? Coloradans have the right to free speech as long as it's a group that everyone AGREES should be allowed to speak?

Dangerous precedence Colorado, very dangerous.