Saturday, August 24, 2013

A recent history of hate-crime hoaxes

Claremont Professor Kerri Dunn slashed her own tires, and broke her own windows, and vandalized her own car with anti-semitic messages. An activist who constantly inveighed against hate, she had been seen vandalizing her own car by two random people in the parking lot. She ended up being sentenced to a year in prison for insurance fraud and was forced to repay $19,000.


Anonymous said...

They left out Rev. Al and Tawana Brawley. Also the gentleman who egged his own bus then blamed it on Tea Party demonstrators.

Come to think of it, if we listed all of the bogus events they have fabricated over the years, the list would become as large as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: too large for anyone to read or understand.

Anonymous said...

Laird Wilcox from Univ Kansas published a book some years back, compiling the dozens upon dozens of "hate hoaxes." And there have been so many more since then, including the infamous Duke Lacrosse Rape hoax.

Anonymous said...

"Why are they doing this? Because... to destroy America, you must divide it... they need a race war to bring about the necessary demise of this country.

Or maybe we are no longer one nation..."


Don't be so sure a 'race war' would be the 'demise' of America. Maybe, as painful as it may seem at the time, it would be akin to an amputation that saves the whole organism.
The USA was never one nation. The fedgov has wasted $$ billions trying to shoehorn unassimilable minorities into the American mainstream. It is time to stop pretending integration was anything but a colossally stupid idea. The best thing that could happen is a peaceful parting of ways, in the manner intended by Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Lincoln, Francis Scott Key, et al.