Friday, August 30, 2013

Gun control lickspittle spins B. Toad Jones' swearing in as Illegal Mayors Against Guns has some suggestions for him.

Long-time readers will recall Dan Freedman as the anti-firearm yellow journalist hack who ignored the Fast & Furious story. Now we have this faux journalist's take on B. Toad Jones' accession to power at ATF.
Here is the Toad's speech and here are the suggestions that Bloomberg's Illegal Mayors Against Guns has for him.
The Toad thanked, among others, the anti-firearm advocacy groups who got him his job:
Let me also thank all of the organizations, associations and stakeholders who have supported and worked with ATF during my time as acting, particularly the local and national law enforcement groups and those in the firearms and explosives industry. I believe our relationships are strong. And going forward, as we work with the industries we regulate, the law enforcement organizations we partner with, and public and private groups that support our mission, I look forward to finding solutions where we all get what we need – while always respecting and protecting our Constitutional rights.
Riiiight. The failure of the GOP to carry through on the Gunwalker investigation and their lying false promises to have general oversight hearings on the ATF makes that unlikely. Indeed, their impotence -- bought at the price of FBI blackmail -- has only emboldened the ATF anti-firearm zealots. The Toad is feeling froggy and it only remains to be seen how far he will jump, not in what direction.


SWIFT said...

"......I look forward to finding solutions where we all get what we need...". Right, you dictatorial prick;I'm looking for the same thing.

Pat H. said...

I no longer use terms like gun control laws, or anti-gun groups.

The groups are members of the Gun Confiscation Lobby, all gun laws that restrict access are Gun Confiscation Laws.

That's the long and short of it, those are the memes we should all be using.