Saturday, August 24, 2013

"The Descent From the March to Voter ID"

"(T)he severe challenges of poverty, family breakdown, gangs, and a pervasive culture of violence that is part of the creation of a near-permanent underclass is largely the result of the social pathologies that grew out of the welfare state that arose in the aftermath of the march, not white racism."


FedUp said...

Maybe we need better petition signer ID:

Anonymous said...

America's real racial ills began with the LB Johnson administration's "Great Society" scam's intentional destruction of the black family unit. We're now three plus generations into a social experiment depriving a minority of education, ambition, morality and opportunity in order to secure their votes.

Now these "house pets" have turned feral. >Jeff

William Flatt said...

This on MSNBC regarding voter ID laws... an inadvertent glimpse of what the commies have in mind for us HERE?
"The sharp eyes of Christian Adams spotted an interesting sight during MSNBC’s Thursday evening broadcast. He writes:

"Naturally the show featured a parade of college democrats and academics out of central casting, including professor and Castro apologist Renee Scherlen. Notice the sign behind Scherlen deliberately placed on camera…"

[Note: The sign advertises Fidel Castro’s Committees for the Defense of the Revolution. Formed in 1960, Castro proclaimed it “a collective system of revolutionary vigilance”. The CDR has been one of the most effective weapons to collectivize Cuban society. The CDR is a hybrid of Mussolini’s or Hitler's brownshirts and East Germany's Stasi informant system. Over 5 million people are integrated into the neighborhood ranks of the CDR throughout the island. It forms part of the machinery of the collective society. Other totalitarian regimes had their equivalent, notably the East German Stasi, of whom Castro originally called upon to replicate their system of informants.]

READ FOR YOURSELF: The Blaze: Spotted on MSNBC... Fidel Castro's Brownshirts