Thursday, August 22, 2013

Every now and then, we win one.

Bellingham man wins $15,000 settlement after city cop stops him for carrying gun in park


SWIFT said...

Why would it be necessary for all officers and dispatchers to be trained on open carry? That should have happened BEFORE they hit the streets. Do they live and work in a cocoon? Two ordinary citizens approach the cop and have to tell him the law? Are PD's only hiring candidates at the lower end of the bell curve? $15,000 settlement after some idiot points a gun at your chest? Seems to me the figure is missing another zero or two. I know what would happen around here if the same shit took place. It's called Hard Ball.

Earl Flanigan said...

Only way it could have been better is if the cash award came out of the little thug's own pocket!

Anonymous said...

You have to understand that their oath of office ends where their "legal advisers" begin, ordinarily the county or district attorney.

If you do not obey their edicts, you will be disciplined and you will be fired eventually. You MUST comply because you will not receive any redress from the courts, they are after all part of the system that set these actions in motion, and protect it from change.

The system is broken. The constitution and bill or rights are broken. They were broken deliberately, by those who now smile at you and say to you "So... What are YOU going to do about it?"

Anonymous said...

Only $15K....bullshit. TPTB won't learn anything from such a small payout unfortunately.

I agree with Earl...unless the $15K came out of the cop's pocket. That would be a SERIOUS deterrent to infringing rights.

Ed said...

"Ignorance of the law is no excuse" works both ways.