Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Still no boils, but this is getting to be ridiculous. My home A/C huffed it during the night. God's trying to tell me something, I suspect. I think I'll hire these guys to serenade the repairman.


Chris Powell said...

Mike, if you don't know anyone personally that does a/c work, PLEASE get more than one opinion. Lots of times, a $2 part that fails, can shut the system down. Don let 'em talk you into anything. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Mike, try opening up the outside cover exposing the innards. Power OFF of course. Spray down the fins to remove all dirt and leaves and other obstructions. Check the compressor motor for a reset button. Many times this is all a repairman has to do to get a summertime failure "fixed" and its a lot cheaper to do this yourself.

I hope yer fix turns out to be that simple.

Robin said...

Maybe He is saying, "Trust me." My AC went out and first it was going to be $1500, then the repairman was able to get the estimate to $850. I asked God to help and the guy that brought the part was able to do a little miracle for $35 and it has worked for 2 years. Didn't need the part. Trust Him.