Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pretty funny move on the part of the Kerodin Kleptocrat Komedy Kabal. Unconsciously and unintentionally so or a hat tip to the Fibbies?

Readers may recall my previous stories on the FBI operation known as PATCON, short for "Patriot Conspiracy." If not, you may go here and here to get up to speed. PATCON was a very deadly conspiracy in its own right by the FBI against the Constitution of the United States, using useful idiots in the so-called "Patriot" community. They are still desperate to cover up the links between PATCON and the Oklahoma City Bombing.
So imagine my amusement when I learned that Kerodin and Kompany are hosting a gathering they call "PatCon" on that God-forsaken piece of undeveloped scrub in Idaho they call "The Citadel." See "Event planned for Citadel."
So are these people -- who attempted to steal an idea, hijack a movement and trademark the Roman numeral III* (see below) -- being ignorantly, unconsciously and unintentionally funny or is this a hat tip to the constitutional criminals of the FBI?
* (I'm not kidding. They send threatening letters to anyone who uses the Roman numeral III on products, claiming it to be a "violation of trademark." Seems to me that they might as well threaten to sue the Roman Republic. It was yours truly, after all, that THEY stole the idea from in the first place. Heck, I was using the concept of the Three Percent when Kerodin was still in federal prison for extortion and firearms charges. But you've got to give them credit, they're nothing if not breathtakingly unrepentant bullies, even if they are absolutely ignorant of the history of the movement they claim to represent.)


Anonymous said...

Might there be some prophetic implication in their "III 300" idea? The III is self-explanatory while the 300 is an obvious reference to the Spartans (Molon Labe) who put up a good fight at Thermopylae but were ultimately annihilated.

Anonymous said...

It's really both. And as for bullies, well, they always end up on the short end of the karma stick - as they have so earned - eventually.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of statist morons. The audacity of stopping people to find out what they're doing (assuming they mean on the public road) par for the course in the "Citadel" where you can't even "own" property anyway.

This movement IS NOTHING like what the founders created. It's a dictatorship run by Kerodin.

Jim Klein said...

"It was yours truly, after all, that THEY stole the idea from in the first place."

Maybe I'm mistaken, but that's the crux of the whole thing, isn't it? So, just as with F&F, here's the only question that matters TO YOU..."So is it worth it?"

And if he threatens trademark infringement, then that's nuts too. If someone in this crowd wants to use the force of guns to get what they want, I'd think that they could do it themselves.

Dakota said...

Nothing new in the Patriot community huh? Plenty of assholes standing in line to slit the throat of "Lady Liberty" for their own chicken shit agendas/causes.

We will never stop fucking each other long enough to do any good for any one or save our beautiful Country. I am sure that the enemies of the Constitution are salivating at the prospects.

Anyone who is weak minded enough to go into captivity for implied safety is a fool and not a free man anyway. Sad ....

Alan W. Mullenax said...

Mike, seriously, you got to give this up.

Yes, you are the Father of III. Nobody disputes that. However, you have declined to promote the concept past anything that doesn't meet your approval.

There are good folks out there forging on. They're doing they're absolute best to make a difference.
Hell son, there is a whole community of people that identify with III that don't know yours or Kerodin's name, and have no knowledge of Sipsey or Western.

Give it up man, give it up. We're gettin' down to it now. We don't need to be fighting each other. A much larger enemy looms.

WiscoDave said...

Yes, the 300 were annihilated, after betrayal by a fellow Greek. Didn't the Greeks eventually win though?
As for my own Patcon in WI, the name matters not. What is accomplished is what matters.
Evidently you had an idea that someone has done more with. I feel sad for your loss. Get over it and try to advance the "cause" instead of sitting at your keyboard and sulking.

Dutchman6 said...

Alan, give what up? My principles? You're right, Kerodin and his ilk don't meet with my approval because they are wolves in sheepdogs' clothing -- advocating the targets of innocents, etc. Give what up? My certainty that trusting your flank and rear to unrepentant criminals only gets you shot in the back? Give what up? My long experience in the armed citizenry movement that teaches me that you cannot be so desperate for allies that you compromise your principles.

It was humbling and gratifying, as I have written elsewhere, when I went to Connecticut in April and circulated through the crowd, finding Three Percenters wearing the patch who had absolutely no idea who I was. THAT is the mark of the success of an idea.

As for your statement "We don't need to be fighting each other," I'd say that depends on whether or not you accept that such people are truly on the side of the restoration of the Founders' Republic. Whether, indeed, we ARE "each other."

Kerodin, Nye and the others are attempting to write indiscriminate violence checks with their mouths that other people will one day have to cash in blood -- when they themselves will be nowhere near the teller's window.

To the point of the linked story (which was forwarded to me by a friend in DC who commented: "if this isn't an FBI front, I'll moon your skinny ass at noon on the courthouse steps") was that calling something PATCON in the context of our struggle shows incredible ignorance and is laughable given all the seriousness with which they take themselves. Threatening to sue people who use the III is a case in point. These are still shakedown artists at the core.

Sorry, Alan. Silence implies consent and I do not consent that such people are worthy allies to the cause of the restoration of the Founders' Republic. Anyone who does will end up discredited by the association and disappointed at the very least.

-- Mike
(Sue me.)

Anonymous said...

Mike, your principles are what I admire most. They are not easy to find these days...

(sue me too!)

Anonymous said...


If any ex-con filed a "rule 35" motion or a "5k1.1" it means that they provided substantial assistence to the govt. And requested a sentence reduction for their services.

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't call this a "fight." It appears to be the natural result of one man calling out another for suspicious behavior.

Before you defend Kerodin as a useful voice in the community, take a look at my latest post at and see how Kerodin handles legitimate inquiries into his very public history.

Notice his absolute refusal to back up any of his claims with evidence.

As to Nye, I only recently came across his site and I enjoy it. He gets a little focused on personal disputes, but it makes for a good read for me as a bystander. I'm not aware of any "violence checks" being passed by him and I've also had trusted friend confirm the quality of his seed product. At this point, I think Nye is a good model for the III community.


The "trademark" III thing has me almost intrigued enough to open an online shop with it plastered over everything in order to get one of those Kerodin cease and desist letters. That'd feel almost as good as being labeled an insurrectionist by CSGV.

CowboyDan said...

Your going unrecognized as the 3% founder or discoverer, is akin to something I once saw in a movie.

Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, went to a meeting across the country from his home.

"Hello, welcome. Are you a newcomer?"

I'm with Alan, as far as that goes. It's an honor to have the movement grow & go without your being recognized. I hope that helps you stay gray in your travels. You need to be free to move about as needed.

If everyone knew your name & face, that might be difficult. I know your name, as do many others, including my son; your name will be known long after we're dead & gone.

Anonymous said...

Federal sentencing guidelines state that felony extortion carries a possible 10 year sentence. Possession of a sawed off shotgun carries a possible 5 year sentence, for a total of 15 years. If someone received substantially less time that could be an indication that they are rendering special services for the government.

30 months for such offenses might cause suspicion. Also if someone routinely issues death threats and/or threats of assault against others on a website and is not prosecuted might cause suspicion.

Anonymous said...

@ Dutchman6 -I just read about this "event" the other day in the local Coeur d'Alene Press and was unaware of the history of "deeper issues" regarding "III", Kerodin and the Citadel. Thanks for the intel.

Yet - all the folks back in the 1770's did not agree on all the issues, but were able to come together for the greater cause of liberty.
If we are engaged against a common foe, how do you suggest that one deal with the guy the next foxhole down? I can't "ignore" him or pretend he isn't there. Is it not possible to regard "the enemy of my enemy" as my friend for the time being?
Just askin.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Mike's rebuttal whole-heartedly.

So you guys saying you'll take Kerodin et al as're willing to target people's families when this all kicks off?

You support the notion of putting all your eggs in one basket (Citadel) and giving up your right to personal property as well as giving the government a supreme target? How is that "restoration" exactly?

Hmm....seems to me you and your ilk won't be around long enough to be an "ally" to anyone outside your limited group of blood lusting cohorts.

Best of luck to you guys.


Anonymous said...

Would "Cointel Kerodin" be a good nickname to describe his tactics?

I wonder.

Anonymous said...

wirecutter said...

Damn, there's a whole bunch of cowards here on this site hiding behind the "Anonymous" tag.
What are you afraid of?
-Kenny Lane (aka Wirecutter)

Anonymous said...

It's easier to use Anonymous then the others for me.

Anonymous said...

Looks like his new neighbors don't care for him much either.

Anonymous said...

Lol. You don't need to be anonymous if you work for the govt.