Thursday, August 22, 2013

Civil Forfeiture = Government Piracy.

Are Innocent Citizens at Risk of Police Seizure of Their Cash, Cars and Homes?


FedUp said...

What can I say, "Americans" love to live under tyranny. I can remember reading in Reader's Digest back in the 1970s or 1980s that one Georgia county sheriff's department was pulling people over on the freeway on the way to Florida and searching their wallets. If you had more than $100, they'd claim it was drug money and steal it. And I never read of ANYBODY, not one victim, using their car to run down and kill the badge toting armed robbers.

Anonymous said...

It boils down to federal reserve NOTES that we are allowed to BORROW and trade with. Every filler people THINK represents WEALTH as fruits of their labor ACTUALLY represents DEBT. Everything we "buy" with those NOTES is subject to seizure by the ACTUAL owners of them.

And the owners are not US.

We will NEVER beat the civil forfeiture angle while the fed and their fake "money" are dominant. Now, if people start rejecting use of the NOTES and start using COINS only, we might just make end roads on this problem.

Ever ask yourself WHY they keep on with the seemingly useless DOLLAR coins and even keep the seemingly worthless penny? Not to mention why they refuse to coin useable 20 50 and hundred dollar coins? See, the former preserves the so called CHOICE to borrow the notes rather than trade coined wealth while the latter makes choosing the former almost impossible.

Demanding and using coins only - especially forcing 20 50 and 100 dollar coins would destroy the evil that is the fed. But alas, far too many can't make basic change much less understand the idiocy that is the federal reserve "system".

Anonymous said...

From my cold dead hands....

WarriorClass III said...

Sounds like this little hell-hole in Texas:

If the Texas legislature doesn't stop these thieves, someone else will.

Anonymous said...

Government issued coinage would NOT stop forfeitures and seizures related to drug/racketeering laws....

Or am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Ya know, if we just actually read the Constitution itself and adhered to what it actually says, then about 95 percent of this garbage wouldn't exist.

Her, why are schools ending the teaching of cursive?
Constitution? What? You mean that old faded parchment with that scribbling nobody can read anymore? What do we need THAT for? Why, we have benevolent GOVERNMENT to run our lives to the fullest!

We fast approach the day where that which is not prohibited is mandated. It's becoming more and more apparent that the ones actually exercising their rights are no longer called patriots - they are simply referred to as criminals.

The last shining ray of hope was a lonely sheriff down in Arizona but his colors bleed together as he too comes out solidly as anti militia.

There is no Constitution in place and there is no saving the Republic. There is only the choice to restore them both and I grow less and less hopeful that it can be accomplished any other way than the very way they came to be in the first place.

We are supposed to be smarter than this. Evidently, the vast majority of Americans are just diddling idiots who really don't even care.

We have arrived at IDIOCRACY.

Paul X said...

The people of Oregon passed a prohibition on civil forfeiture - via the Initiative. You should have seen the cops whine and blubber!

BTW this is an example of direct democracy that so many gullible people think is dangerous. I find it much better than legislative law. Not only is it of better quality, but there is a lot less of it. The legislature of Oregon considers 3000 bills every session!

FedUp said...

"The people of Oregon passed a prohibition on civil forfeiture - via the Initiative."

There ya go. State Constitution Amendments, ratified by initiative, to prohibit civil forfeiture and East German Stasi checkpoints.

Paul X says Oregon is already halfway there.

FedUp said...

It looks like Paul is talking about Ballot Measure 3 of year 2000, overturned by the state court of appeals in 2003 and finally reinstated by the Oregon Supreme Court in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Civil forfeiture under current drug laws is nothing more than armed robbery committed by law enforcement. They do so much of this primarily because the lodal department gets to keep most of the value obtained from those assets. By the way, NEVER GIVE YOUR PERMISSION FOR A SEARCH OF YOUR CAR OR ANYTHING ELSE. If police search over your objection, make them record that fact in their report. If you give your permission for a search, you also give up your right to contest the search in court later.

- Old Greybeard