Thursday, August 29, 2013

Praxis: 'This is not your rifle.' Marines take foreign weapons instructor course

This article was forwarded to me with the comment:
The Marines are now making a a real effort to familiarize line troops with non-standard weapons that might be encountered in the field. I feel strongly that this is good advice for everyone. The next time you go shooting with someone who runs a platform you're not familiar with, ask him to let you swap for some trigger time.
Even better, after you're finished shooting, ask them show you how to field-strip it, clean it, and do an operational check.
Offer to really clean it FOR THEM if they'll simply show you how to break it down.
Who knows ? You BOTH might learn something useful.


Anonymous said...

The military has been doing this cross-training of weapons for decades. Both allies and enemy weapons are used for the training.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

The primary reason for this is so that regular troops can do what SF has done for decades. Use non-standard weapons to "stage" attacks,(sometimes wiping out whole towns) Then blame that attack on your "enemy". The program has gone by many names since the CIA dreamed it up in the '50s my favorite is the "Death Squads" It also allows the solder to use "non-standard weapons" when his POS M-4/M-16 craps out.