Thursday, August 29, 2013

To flash, or not to flash, that is the question.

Officer Is Indicted on Charges of Lying About Photographer’s Arrest.
Of course the officer is only in this self-made spot because he jumped a NEW YORK TIMES reporter. If it had been a mere citizen, he could have beat the crap out them with impunity.

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Anonymous said...

Not only did the orificer beat up the wrong person (a sacred NYT reporter), but you had to read about it in the NYT.
If it were either you or I being beat upon for the same "offense", I doubt if the outcome would be the same (po-po being charged & arrested), and it DEFINITELY would NOT get the same news coverage.

Possible solution -- EVERY citizen needs to learn to use their cell phone as a camera and video recorder. And learn to follow Janet dirtyNappy's advice, "see something, say something". So if you see an event where a fellow citizen (and right now, we're ALL kulaks in the gulag) is being beat upon, start recording. If the po-po come over to you and "persuade" you to stop recording, then another citizen needs to start recording. And another. And another. Can the po-po "persuade" and arrest you ALL? They'll try, maybe even succeed. But they'll know that they had a heavy-handed job on their hands getting it done.
And there's a better-then-even chance that SOMEONE will have successfully recorded at least part of the event, gotten away, and will have put it out for public viewing.
Sunlight and exposure are the best disinfectants for these po-po cockroaches.
As Will Smith put it so eloquently in MIB, "Don't bring nothin', won't be nothin'".

B Woodman