Saturday, August 24, 2013

Troy confirms Weis not on team as another controversy emerges

And that leads to yet one more unresolved personnel issue, as Troy is now dealing on its Facebook page with fallout from their association with another Ruby Ridge Hostage Rescue Team sniper, Dale Monroe, who carries some controversy of his own.


FedUp said...

"We had no idea that the very vocal anti gun head of one of the largest PDs in the country was actually anti-gun"

Might as well say "we had no idea the sun was yellow". As far as I've seen, every police chief with a population over 500k is rabidly anti gun.

Are you telling me that you hired a guy for his big city fame without once typing Jody Weiss into a search engine to see what he was famous for?

Anyway, who would sign up for training from a company that thinks its trainers should be famous, not competent?

(weiss' real function was probably to bring in large contracts from other anti gun big city police administrators)

Anonymous said...

"Sounds like a honest mistake, I'll still buy their products."

I could explain it to you. But I can't understand it for you.

Anonymous said...

No explanation is necessary....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Mike.

I posted the response I got from Allyson in the other thread.

Here's what I sent her this time:


Just got wind of the latest dust up over your employee, Dale Monroe. I was directed to your Facebook page to read Troy's response.

Simply put, Troy's response is UNACCEPTABLE. Yes, I understand what it means to wear a uniform. However, the excuse that one is just following orders holds no more water for Mr. Monroe than it did for the Nazis of Nuremburg (please look up Nuremburg trials if you are not familiar with the history).

In short, Mr. Monroe swore an oath to the constitution, not to his superiors. The unlawful actions undertaken by our government at Ruby Ridge were a violation of due process, human decency and were an obvious attempt at entrapment and infiltration of dissenters for political purposes. Those actions were a major impetus for steeling American gun owners' resolve regarding government over-reach and the current de-legitimization of this rogue government.

To continue to employ a man who had a hand in such an atrocity and then defend his actions is to unequivocally send a message of support for such governmental abuse.

If Troy chooses to keep Mr. Monroe on their payroll, I will have bought my last Troy Industries product.

Thank you for your time,

Dakota said...

We got rid of that pencil dick Lon Horiuchi a few years back when he was going to work for a firearms company. Serves these c*ck suckers right for choosing to be assholes rather than humans

Burn in hell Lon Horiuchi

William Flatt said...

Sean's letter to TI sums it up well. If there is ANY firearms related business in the country that isn't already vetting its prospective hires for their 2A bona fides, WAKE UP AND GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF FULL RECTAL DEFILADE! It is NOT (and never should have been) permissible to hire someone to work in the arms industry who doesn't fully support the purpose for the existence of the industry (NOT to arm the gov't, but rather the people)!

Pro-gun bona fides have to be as mandatory as being able to pass a criminal background check. Or rather, let's just 'expand' criminal background checks to include one's absolute willingness to support and defend RKBA against all enemies!

Or perhaps Troy Industries is trying to follow the CSGV business model, so they can write off the entire company as a capital-gains-tax total loss.

Anonymous said...

Latest from Troy:

Good Morning

Please review the latest statement from our CEO:

I appreciate having the opportunity to speak to members of this forum. Troy Asymmetric, part of the “World of Troy,” is a business entity with a director who until this past week, held exclusive hiring authority. I am its owner, it bears my name and as we have witnessed in recent days, effects public opinion of all Troy divisions. Earlier this week, I terminated an instructor who did not support the Second Amendment as ardently as I and members of the community do.

Troy Asymmetric provides training to military and law enforcement personnel. If you spend 5 seconds on the website you’ll see a graphical depiction of a bomb explosion - the primary focus of the company. Take a moment to read the course list and you’ll note a common theme: training pertaining to explosions, bomb threats, post-blast crime scenes, incident command and crisis management. Instructors’ primary areas of expertise lie in the “bomb world,” with EOD experience, critical incident response, and tactical decision making. Some posters on the forum have said we only train “Jack Booted Thugs” and there is a secret agenda. These same posters conveniently ignore Troy Prepared: Troy Asymmetric to this date has offered no firearms training for Gov’t and LE, but in comparison, Troy Prepared has always offered firearms training to qualified civilians. From a factual, non-emotional context, it is impossible to draw the conclusion that we somehow do not support the Second Amendment and are only training “secret army”.

On August 22, 1992, Dale was an HRT Operator tasked to a mission in which he found himself facing armed adversaries. His thoughts were not only on the situation at hand, but the tragic death of a child and a U.S. Marshal. During this type of confrontation when people die, you don’t have the ability to pick sides, they are drawn before you arrive. Dale did what he was trained to do as a sniper / observer. He was fortunate not to have to take a life at this engagement. Special Agent Horiuchi made the regrettable shot, a mistake for which he will never be forgiven. Of the FBI Agents assigned to the Ruby Ridge tragedy, Dale has been one of the most outspoken. He has delivered dozens of presentations to more than 1000 civilians titled “Mistakes and Lessons of Ruby Ridge”. I weighed carefully the decision whether or not to retain Dale and could find no ethical or moral reason to remove him. Dale has not committed a criminal act, he answered all questions honestly, he did not cover anything up and he did not shoot anyone at Ruby Ridge. Dale was asked to join TA for his critical incident management expertise. Dale was never slated by TA for firearms instruction.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of Troy's latest since the blog limits characters.

We all know from our biggest failures come the greatest lessons in life. Providing training that is relevant with experienced, qualified instructors can prevent a tragedy like Ruby Ridge. Dale will be able to deliver this powerful message and lessons learned in crisis management and incident command. I am driven and passionate about bringing effective change through pertinent training and speakers that have lived through these nightmares. Many times I have seen posts in forums that state “if you weren’t there then SDASTFU”, with that same school of thought, there is no one better than Dale to speak about tragedies like Ruby Ridge.

I have been a longtime and outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment. I always choose to do what’s right, even if my stance goes against others opinion. I will not throw this man to the wolves as he has demonstrated throughout his life high integrity and honor. I know most of those who would disagree are using this forum to voice your anger towards the United States Government. In some cases that anger is justified. The Ruby Ridge tragedy and the loss of life there make no bigger example of abuse of power and Government gone wrong. However, I disagree with your personal attacks on my family and company as we are not the Government and we are not training “Jack Booted Thugs”. I am a patriot and I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of The United States, all of it. Those who have taken that same oath recognize the importance of keeping it. Thank you. -Steve Troy