Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How old fashioned.

33 lawmakers: Congress must approve Syria action. the fact that it's only 33 out of 535 tells you all you need to know. My attitude was expressed in line yesterday at Lowes while I was getting the stuff to fix my A/C. The subject came up in conversation between two customers behind me, neither of whom thought this could end well. I turned and said, "Well, as the father of a soldier who did three tours of Iraq and one in Afghanistan -- and two daughters of military age -- I think that if backing our existential enemies the Jihadis in Syria is what Obama wants to do, let him send HIS daughters this time. Hell, they've got child soldiers in Africa, don't they? Let them fight and leave the rest of us alone. Let's see how he feels when HE'S got skin in the game." One of the customers said, "Damn right!" and the rest nodded their heads.


Anonymous said...

quote:" Let's see how he feels when HE'S got skin in the game."unquote

Perfect. Mike, your statement should be on every billboard along every freeway in America. As bad as I feel for these victims of chemical weapons, this nation can't be the policeman of the world much longer.

I have much more to say about this but I'll refrain as there is nothing the population of America can do. After all..look at Iraq and Afghanistan. All I know is, the Corporatacracy of the world is really to blame. Money is everything, and Military grade weaponry and oil are the prime ingredients in creating continuous war on this planet. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if these chemical weapons were made in the good ole US of A. Now that we know the CIA was using the annex at Benghazi as a deployment point for missiles and gun running to the Syrian rebels..nothing surprises me anymore. As far as I'm concerned..I've come to the conclusion that there is only one thing I can do anymore. Just try to find a little peace and happiness before the world wide Surveillance State becomes Orwell on steroids. Fuck the USG/MIC.

Anonymous said...

Mike if Obama can secure a WMD release in The "War Zone" or "homeland" he can use COG laws to (1) End elections forever (2) shutdown the internet (3) Confiscate ANYTHING (4) Send anyone away to "reeducation" without charge-warrant-trial (5) have ANYONE put to death on a whim. This is not and never was about WMD The Arabs The Jews or a "race war" in the "homeland". This is END GAME. Now we will see the true face of the monster---Ray

Anonymous said...

Congress is probably tickled pink that their 12% approval rating is higher than the 9% of Americans who support any action against Syria. We have found something more despicable than Congress.

Anonymous said...

Denninger makes the clear case that a move against Syria (that aids Al-Qaeda) is treason.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a damn about Syrians killing one another.

Let each and every one of them kill each other off until there are no more Syrians alive, I don't care.

Let them all die-off, then repopulate the area with Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and every other faith out there that isn't bent on world domination through extreme-violence, and is capable of living side-by-side with their neighbors of different faiths as equals.

Syria is not our fight.

If they use chemical weapons, so what? Not our fight.

If they rape and murder their own people, so what? Not our fight.

If they're starving to death, so what? Not our fight.

I don't care. To hell with the lot of those savages.

One group of Muslims killing another group of Muslims... I don't give a damn about them. They've been fighting for 1400+ years, and haven't shown any signs of stopping now -- And truthfully, they'll never stop fighting. Once they achieve their goals of world domination, their hatred will turn inward and they'll create even more chaos on themselves.

Let's even sell arms and munitions to the losers and keep them killing each other for another hundred years!

Unless and until someone is willing to step up and say: "My fellow Americans, we are in the latest phase of a war that dates back to the Byzantine (Really the Eastern Roman) Empire.

"We are going to step up to the plate, and take responsibility for all those who have gone before us and do something that no one in America has dared to do before. We are going to take action.

"This Islamic nonsense has gone on for long enough. The residents of Mecca have 168 hours, one week, to evacuate before it's turned into a nuclear wasteland, inhospitable to life as we know if for the next 10,000 years.

"And we are giving every Muslim on planet Earth a choice of either giving up their barbaric-insanity founded by that narcissistic pedophile lunatic known as Mohammed (camel's piss be upon him), or death."

And then proceed to back up those words with violent actions, leaving the Muslim world in total anarchy, smoldering ruins, depopulated with total destitution from Casablanca, Morocco to Jakarta, Indonesia, and everything in between, we're not going to be doing anything productive.

That is what it is going to take to stop the insanity that is known as "al-Islam". Anything less and you might as well give up now.

The Civilized nations (USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, to name a few...) was smart enough back in the 1940s to know that reducing Europe to smoldering rubble, and crushing them with thousands upon thousands of soldiers was what it was going to take to rid the world of Nazism... Well, like it or not, it's going to take just that much fighting, and more, to ride the world of Islam. I'd rather do it now, and get it over with, but sadly, many more people are going to die in the coming decades and centuries in this long war before people wake up and do what will have to be done.


-An Ex Muslim

Anonymous said...

Shoot, everyone agrees that he is the most brilliant President ever.
I don't see why he can't fly over and personally direct military action. He could ride a big white horse and wear a sword and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Once the militia is called forth and organized into a standing military, the Executive is the leader of it until such time as impeachment and conviction takes place and-or the Congress refuses to fund a particular endeavor.

A standing military - complete with an open unending "war" in the Korean Peninsula affords any executive a free hand to engage in military action. Today's terrorists and war criminals are just yesterday's Barbary pirates.

A standing military has dangerous consequences. A VERY powerful Executive is one of them.

Folks can be pissed about Libya and Syria and Iraq and even Afghanistan er al but the reality is simple. The militia HAS BEEN called forth AND organized. It must be used or disbanded. Maybe that whole Second Amendment has more of a meaning than many give it credit for after all eh?

Time to admit that America is in a state of endless war with a standing militia forming a military that nobody in government is willing to disband because the whole fake monitory policy falls apart the INSTANT it is dissolved (leaving only a naval defensive force. Why did the founders and framers place a TWO year limitation on military budgets again?

We can fix what's wrong. But it's gonna take some harsh realities being admitted.

1776JMB said...

I took an oath to defend the Constitution, not be the long arm of the UN.