Thursday, August 22, 2013

13 Maine Republicans Flee the Dead Elephant Party

One of their most notable criticisms is that of Speaker of the House John Boehner. The defecting Republicans condemn him for his decision to purge the most fiscally conservative Republicans from their leadership positions in late 2012. And, they criticize the House’s “utter disdain” for the Constitution in its handling of the Amash Amendment, which would have restrained NSA surveillance.


Anonymous said...

John Boehner. TRAITOR.

But I hear rumours that this will be his last time as speaker.

It seems the base in his district are so pissed at him that they will now vote for any democrat in order to remove him.

This is their only option because he has a stranglehold on any primary courtesy of the Ohio republican party leadership, which is anti-gun, self-defence, concealed carry, open carry, Mother and apple pie. Oh yeah, and the governor is a RINO. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Good on them....hopefully more Amerikans will wake up to the tyranny right on their doorsteps and realize the Republicrats are responsible for almost as much of it as the Demopublicans.

David Forward said...

Anyone who can state that the Republican Party is a viable alternative to the Democrats is either a fool or a liar. Neither party has any interest in protecting the American people, only in controlling the American people based on only a few minuscule technical points. Voting for Republicans in place of Democrats only means that you would prefer a right boot instead of a left boot on your neck.

Dr. D said...

Here is hoping they hook up with the Libertarian or Constitutionalists party's

For the Republic III%

Ben W. Hooper Bgd