Monday, August 26, 2013

"As a devastated hospital struggled to survive the aftermath of Katrina, did doctors kill 21 critical patients?"

“We need more viable patients.”


Sean said...

As happened in the Donner Party, the women decided who would live, and who would die. By the way, ALL the women in the Donner Party lived. Take note gentlemen, the ladies are the deadlier of the the two sexes. Don't believe me? Millions of aborted children might sway your decision.

Anonymous said...

Bush took too much heat for the response to Katrina. The mayor and the governor had not done their jobs by preparing for disaster.
Have we learned from Katrina? Have we applied what we did learned? I suspect not.
Preppers should study Katrina as a model and textbook example.

Anonymous said...

No, they were cut off without help. Those who died did not have long to live anyway.
Let this be a lesson for all of us. When the SHTF this will happen when cut off with no help coming. Triage means you help those with the best chance.

Anonymous said...

I'm a doctor that went through Katrina about 35 miles away. That article is a hit piece period.
There were questions about 8 ICU patients being given too much medication rather than have them die in a sealed 120 degree hospital wing after the fact but 90% of this article is pure crap mixed with omissions and lies.
The "shocking" method of triage described is exactly the way disaster evacuations are always done---Ambulatory patients are first. I noticed the author did not mention the flooded lower floors, the sealed windows in September heat without any fans or AC; nor was there a mention of most cell towers being down with zero communications...I am not a friend of Pou or other docs involved, though we have met, and there may have been euthanizations---I really can't tell even from "up close standing just outside", but I do know a nurse that was there that bagged a patient for 48 hours straight sitting there sweating and watching and hearing other patients that needed help before letting them go which according to the author is murder and I do know the author doesn't have a clue what real SHTF is like.

Anonymous said...

harp1034....triage is NOT euthanasia.

Did you actually read the article? They didn't ask the patient what they wanted....they decided FOR THEM that they'd KILL them; NOT simply let them die.

I can see the "easing the suffering" logic....but it's amoral to say the least to make a life and death decision where you ACTIVELY kill the patient without their consent or consultation.

Paul X said...

It's called triage. All too easy to second-guess what people in disasters do from the comfort of your home, tapping on your laptop keys.

Also as "Anonymous" the doctor says, don't believe everything you read in the media...