Sunday, August 25, 2013

More "laws for thee but not for me." Nothing inconsistent here.

Gabby Giffords' Gun Control PAC Busted for Contributions Violating IRS Code


Paul X said...

Campaign finance regulations are just another tool of tyranny, designed to keep political control firmly in the hands of the two big parties (or should I say, the one big party with two wings?). So, we shouldn't hang our hats on this sort of thing. It is more often used to subvert rebellion and resistance.

Anonymous said...

The Giffords shooting proves a couple of things; least of which is that if something is worth shooting once, it's worth shooting twice. Loughner shoulda double tapped the bitch.

William Flatt said...

We already know these scumbags are hypocrites, thieves and liars. Tell us something we don't already know! Moreover, the IRS is the nation's worst terrorist organization, the reason why so many fear the government rather than the other way around. We know the political class, like some benighted celeb types, are treated as though above the law and NEVER get prosecuted the way we would if we did the same thing!

You're right. NOTHING inconsistent HERE!