Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One more from Kurt Hofmann before I go. "Australia condemns 'corruptive' US gun culture; France considers importing it."

The U.S. gun culture "is corrupting the world?" Perhaps in the viewpoint of one who speaks for the predators, including those who are "wolves in gangbangers' clothing."


Doug Rink said...

Meanwhile, in the gun control Utopia of Australia, thugs and gangsta culture seem to be overcoming any obstacles that strict gun control put in their way.

It's said Sydney's becoming the "East LA of the western Pacific":

This year there have been 72 shootings in public places. Eight people have died in such incidents. On 28 other occasions at least one person has been wounded.

Anonymous said...

Can't think of a "better solution" to the world's , (our own) social ills than for the vested to have the means to not only defend themselves, but to have the means to inhibit opportunists seeking to profit from seizing them '! >Jeff

Anonymous said...

This reminded me of something: I visited the Caribbean 40-50 years ago. On St Martin/Maarten, the Dutch side prohibited firearms except registered long guns and of course had a lot of gun crime on the street and outside the casinos. The French side allowed handguns with a permit from the island governor (but, I was told, strangely enough required suppressors when target shooting). There was virtually no gun crime there.
I have no idea what the laws are now.