Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to Refuse a DUI Checkpoint



Lone Marauder said...

I'm surprised that didn't end with the driver being hog-tied and tased while they disassembled his car on the side of the road.

Almost as surprising that the officers actually answered his request for name and ID number.

Taz said...

Hey Lone Marauder...they musthave known they were being filmed.

But I agree. I Georgia, you would have been dragged out and arrested.

It is my understanding, that the only question one MUST respond to is for identification.

But I generally fear and avoid confrontations with LEOs.

Anonymous said...

The one problem with this track. The corrupt SCOTUS has RULED that simple exercise of your fifth endment right to "remain silent" is not enough. You actually have to enunciate the fact that you are indeed exercising your right.

Make no mistake - this IS the right thing to do - however, one MUST actually say you refuse, cordially of course, to answer any questions. Am I being officially detained and or arrested are great questions to repeatedly ask as well - alongside am I free to go.

Sadly, had this cat been arrested he would have been nailed because he didn't actually SAY he was remaining silent. Dripping with irony huh?