Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No sooner do I note the Georgia Geriatric Terrorist Plot than I am dragged into it, courtesy of our Gunwalker apologists at TPM (and apparently DOJ).

I kid you not.

A confidential FBI source recorded a “clandestine meeting” that took place on St. Patrick’s Day of this year at Thomas’ house, where Thomas, Roberts and others allegedly discussed how to obtain castor beans to make ricin. Thomas, who allegedly lead the meeting, mentioned a fictional novel he read online in which an anti-government group killed a large number of Justice Department attorneys.

The online novel is question is called “Absolved.” It’s written by Mike Vanderboegh, a right-wing blogger and former militia man who lives on government disability checks, has been featured on Fox News in relation to the Fast and Furious scandal, is on Rep. Darrell Issa’s press release distribution list and previously advocated on his blog “Sipsey Street Irregulars” for opponents of the health care law to throw bricks through the windows of Democratic members of Congress. In reaction to the arrests, Vanderboegh called those arrested a “geriatric ‘militia’” and said he was “skeptical” of the charges.

Thomas allegedly thought Vanderboegh’s fictional plot would work pretty well in real life.

“Now of course, that’s just fictional, but that’s a damn good idea,” Thomas allegedly said of Vanderboegh’s novel. An FBI affidavit said he described a scenario in which there would be a “line in the sand” that could result in the activation of militias. He allegedly claimed he compiled a “bucket list” of government employees, politicians, corporate leaders and members of the media who would needed to be “taken out” to “make the country right again.”

I gotta tell you, TPM Muckraker must be sitting on my site all the time these days, since I didn't post that reaction to the "Georgia Geriatric Terrorist Plot" until last night. I especially like the "lives on government disability checks" line. That really seems to chap their ass, that I am recovering the money extorted from me by Social Security for over four decades and using it to bite the hand of their benevolent Federal Leviathan. I love it when they bring that up.

My as-yet-unpublished novel Absolved, for the uninitiated, begins with the premise that the ATF, for political agenda reasons of their own, has staged a deadly raid on the wrong Alabama good old boy from Winston County and what happens in the unintended consequences of that stupidity. There is nothing in there about ricin, or terrorist attacks on civilians (unless you count the forces of the federal government) or deliberate targeting of innocents. And did I mention that it is FICTION?

Of course the chapter referred to is Chapter 32, "Ten Thousand Lawyers." I published that a couple of years ago in three parts, here, here, and here.

The piece begins:

Question: “What’s ten thousand lawyers at the bottom of the sea?”

Answer: “A good start.” – An old lawyer joke.

The chapter explores the nexus in any tyrannical bureaucracy of its lawyers, and how targeting them can cripple the intentions of the evil bad guys who commit crimes under color of law. This is hardly an original idea in history.

Of course, I also wrote this at the time:

I offer this as evidence I that I try to make my fiction as real as possible. Still, it is important to remember that it IS still fiction. For now anyway. Whether it remains so is not up to me, unfortunately, but up to people who have no understanding of the titanic forces they are playing with.

Of course, TPM Muckraker did not bother to quote from the Introduction to Absolved, also available on the net:

Another civil war in this country is the last thing I want.

So why write about one? Perhaps, as David Brin, author of the magnificent book The Postman (which bears no resemblance to the Costner cinematic flop) wrote in a forward to a reprint of Pat Frank's classic Alas, Babylon:

Two books that emerged at roughly the same time as Alas, Babylon were Eugene Burdick's Fail Safe and Peter George's Red Alert, which later inspired Stanley Kubrick to make the magnificently humorous and thoughtful Dr. Strangelove. As archetypes of the useful dire warning, each dissected a specific possible failure mode, bringing it to the awareness of so many that, ironically, their particular type of debacle became much less likely. Indeed, the "self-preventing prophecy" may be the highest and most useful species in all of the vast, imaginative genus of speculative fiction. In much the same way that Orwell's 1984 girded millions against "Big Brother," these tales may have helped to keep their own nightmares from coming true. In other words, our most vivid nightmares may have been utterly practical, helping to save our lives. -- David Brin, Foreward to the First Harper Perennial Modern Classics Edition of Pat Frank's Alas, Babylon, 2005, p. X.

Absolved is fiction. I hope it is a "useful dire warning." However, I am as much to blame for the Georgia Geriatric Terrorist Gang as Tom Clancy is for Nine Eleven.

Not that it matters to TPM Muckraker and their ilk.

LATER: Or, for that matter, Media Matters.

And even later: Mother Jones, the Associated Press, the Huffington Post and even FOX.

Wow. In the artillery that's what they call a "Time on Target" salvo, where all the shells from a variety of tubes lands at the same place and the same time.


Scott J said...

They'll go to any lengths to whip up that conflation won't they?

Bob said...

Better lawyer up yourself, Mike. I smell a Justice Department plot here to shut you up by putting you in prison.

davy crocket said...

if your not loved, hated, or talked about your not living, Mike.

TXGunGeek said...

You have even made the front page of FoxNews. Comments as always are all over the place blaming Tea party and Conservatives and everything except the people. Not sure if this was real or another "Botched Sting"

sofa said...

Is it in print yet? Can we order it?

You're a documented journalist.
Being a published author of fiction has it's perks, too.

1911A1 said...

Take a look at main page the photo is "interesting".

Methinks you've make the big time, but not in a desirable way.

WarriorClass III said...

I wish you'd finish the book and publish it!

Sean said...

You're the headliner over at Even got your book cover up on the picture.

Anonymous said...

"TPM" must stand for "The Pathetic Moron".

Mike J. said...

Wow. I could NOT believe this when I read it this morning. You MUST be VERY close to the bullseye to get them to nail you to this so quickly. Bob has good advice. Better start contacting attorneys NOW... God bless and protect you, Mike...

Female III said...

Gee, Mike. Free advertising.

Nobody dying from their wounds like the DOJ is gets an egg like this Georgia story just laid in their lap. Bet that Georgia citizen never heard of you or your book until the fed mole made the introduction. You should interview that Georgia citizen's family and friends for a sequel you just decided to write. It isn't far from you. In fact it is so close to where you live that I'll bet those stolen business cards are found scrambled into this omelette. What'cha think?

Don't let soulless bastards disrupt your efforts, Mike. I needed something to refresh my own efforts and steel my own resolve anew. This did it. Don't lose focus and don't let your peace be disturbed. PROCEED EVER MORE BOLDLY.

Note to OathBreakers reading this: Everybody hates those involved in the unlawful takeover of our country. What's not to hate? Maybe outlaw feds should find out what they are doing to cause this deserved hatred and then cease doing whatever it is.

American citizens now know that each one of them is in a fight for their lives and nobody is confused as to the identity of the enemy that daily wages unlawful war against them. They have completed their preparations for survival as well as for armed defense of their families. It is their moral obligation to do so. EVERY ONE OF THEM IS A MILITIA. The only people who do not support militias (yet) are outside right now under blue tarps singing Kum Baya. Citizens in this country do not take well to their fellow countrymen being unjustly attacked. That is what got our outlaw regime into this mess in the first place. Things like Ruby Ridge, Waco, Katrina and now the Olsen shooting in Oakland. That last one even set off a bugle alarm in the heads of the Kum Baya singers.

If you really want to clear out evil people from our soil, why don't you go undercover in Washington DC? You can leave the innocent alone and lock up the causes of our discontent... according to the just laws of our Constitution. There are more than enough two-legged devils to go around. You won't even have to break the 9th Commandment to do it. Everything you need will already be there waiting for you to just do what you are morally obligated and required by your sworn oath to do.

I'm afraid that what bad guys have here with this little omelette they fried in the Peach State is another EPIC FAIL which will likely bite them in the ass like their other efforts have.

Anonymous said...

Can always think of it this way:
Free publicity for the book.

Backwoods Engineer said...

You are really living rent-free in the heads of the Government/Media complex. They really want to destroy you. That is a very good indication that you are doing them serious damage. Hooah.

Anonymous said...

You know I was figuring that things would touch off out in North Dakota or somewhere more remote. I figured it would take awhile for things to spread back east. Looks like it may actaually touch off in my own backyard and I wont have to go far at all!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, Mike... Saw this while I was at work last night. Boy did you manage to piss off some dirty-playing, football-humping, .gov monkeys. Keep up the good work and here's hoping we don't have to suddenly worry about the 100 heads post.

PS. Finish the damn book. Please :D

Anonymous said...

You all are looking at it the wrong way. Maybe these guys knew all along that there was a Fed in their mist and had a plan all along. One of the guys is 73. Now he'll have free health care, free air conditioned room and board, free cable TV, free laundry service, 3 meals a day. He'll have all the time in the world to nap, undisturbed. He'll be a burden on the Feds better than he was just plotting some hair brained plot, and he'll still get his social security. Brilliant Out! I could just see a bunch of senior citizens pulling off some tactical operation against the Feds. Not that it couldn't easily be done, but I just have to laugh now at how badly the Feds are clawing at their own relevance. J Edgar, eat you heart out. But I do agree with you all on this count. Mike, watch out because they're gunning for you.

Anonymous said...

Man, you just made the front page on

Mt Top Patriot said...

Read All About It!
Read All About It!

Tyranny 1984 style: Desperate Despots of The Federal Leviathan Strike Out At Truth Talker

The thought police of obama's tyrant class have pulled the plug.
This is a full scale assault on the entire journalistic community not in the bag for obama and his ilk.

Desperate people do desperate things.
Desperate despots exposed for their tyranny do terrible desperate things, like violate and smear others who stand up to them, or worse frame them first through the false flag of a manufactured narrative, and or evidence spun up or fabricated to appear as truth.

These are truly dangerous times.

What can one expect from a government, really the people who hold all the power within it. Is it really surprising these people who are behind a plot to undermine then destroy our Liberty, our Republic in its entirety, who have committed gross treason and felonies, up to and including out right treason, murder and mayhem. That going after Americans for bucking their treason, tyranny and a multitude of high crimes, these despots is any surprise?
It all is an escalation to the next level. Open tyranny waged against the truth.

Aside from the dirty rotten nature of OUR government attacking its very people, the actual "conspiracy" it has supposedly uncovered is just plain old tacky and cheap. I mean come on! If you guys are gonna start framing American's to distract this country from your tyranny and other crimes, at least stag another WACO or Ruby Ridge event. Hillary and Bill Clinton showed you guys how to get away with outright direct murder of America's via the fig leaf of "Law Enforcement".

There's another scenario to consider also. This may be a trial run, a real time litmus test, run by the federal tyrants, to test the waters of the American peoples capacity of tolerance for much nastier dictatorship??

You can't put nothing by these bums. Everything they do regarding usurping power, always involves a double or triple purpose.

Every day it is another instrument of tyranny created, implemented, and tested.
It is getting close.
We are heading for declaration of Marshal Law sure as the sun rises.
When it is declared, every check and balance of Constitutional government is flushed down the toilet and rescinded. The only rule of law that will exist is the rule of men by the ruling class.
Marshal Law is the only instrument of Law that grants total power to one person.
Guess who?

We'll see soon enough. I think obama et all just raised the stakes big time.

The blogsphere and new media better get behind this, AND, Gunwalker 100 ten percent right skippy fast, or they are gonna be in the same boat as Mr. Mike.
Or worse.
Much worse.

Anonymous said...

You are being featured on the Blaze and UK's Daily Mail too.

Happy D said...

Speaking of the book any news?
Or could you release a new chapter to scare them?
It is fun to watch them when you scare them.

DH Pence said...

ToT - doesn't matter. Let them sensationalize it just gives your book even more steam when you do finally publish. "As mentioned on Fox News, The Huffington Post, And several other media outlets" can help ya sell a book or two dozen.

The "useful idiots" at the media outlets are working for you my friend. Someone will traipse over here to check the site out after having heard about it on the news, huffpo, whatever. And even if one logical person sees, reads, and understands the info you've put up they'll stay and probably point out the site to others.

Liberalism and progressiveism is dying on the vine with the real middle class and these outlets scramble like carrion to survive by printing pure specualtion and relying on the word "allegedly" to print whatever they want thinking it's going to cover their asses.

But you ain't going nowhere amigo - we got your back.

MI-copperhead said...

This op smells worse than the supposed plot up here in Michigan from a couple of years ago. This looks for all the world of a FBI/DOJ/HLS/ATF type goat screw. The American people should be laughing this off the front page.

Anonymous said...

Come on, at least have the balls to acknowledge that whipping people into a nihilistic frenzy might have consequences. Either stand by your words or just admit that you're full of crap.

Paul X said...

"All publicity is good publicity!" Get Absolved out there to take advantage. Don't worry about polishing it any more, or release a later version that is more polished. (Not that it needs it, from the chapters I've read). Just get it out there!

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall they attempted to harass John Ross, the author of Unintended Consequences, by having the ATF approach his ex-wife trying to dig up dirt...

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1025:

You're directing that at the Occupy Wall street crowd, right? Where the women are being raped, STD's are rampant, and they don't bathe. What else could you mean?

Tanz said...

"They'll go to any lengths to whip up that conflation won't they?"

There's just the one length Scott.
The one where details of this domestic terrorism plot come to light and get reported. Where they have cited where they drew inspiration from and that's either worthy of mention in blogland or it isn't.

Nobody's gone to any trouble here other than copy/pasting. These are blogs after all.

Anonymous said...

If a liberal does not hear you do you make a sound?

Anonymous said...

You sir, have just been defamed. If you know any lawyers who owe you a favor, or any young ones looking to get famous, have them represent you in a defamation suit. You'll win. Anyone fresh out of law school can win this for you. You might even get lucky and get a Supreme Court appearance and a landmark case out of it. Think about seeing your name in textbooks!

jim said...

Damn that fascist media! How DARE they actually use the terrorists' actual words to smear your good name!

That your book has inspired people to plot terrorism surely only proves the righteousness of your cause. I think I smell a sequel - might I suggest "Accused"?

Silly libtards need to get off the fainting-couch - after all, "Absolved" is a harmless work of fiction, just like "The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion" or "The Turner Diaries"!