Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Three Percent.

Picketers turn out for right to carry arms.


TL671 said...

If that is Thomm nearest the camera then I guess this "journalist" has seen this as part of his "journalist" training.

Anonymous said...

"Thomm and Games-Neely are certified National Rifle Association firearms instructors."

The woman with the double-barreled last name should lose her instructor status but the NRA weenies would not dare. :^)


WV: midivo--As Monty Python/The Holy Grail's Dennis would say, "Denying arms to the peasantry is a midivo class construct."

Anonymous said...

@TL671--The caption states that Bishop is one closest to the camera. However, his 1911 is NOT in Condition 1. Por que, I wonder?

millerized said...

We're clarifying that she's an instructor. We're pretty sure it's a typo, since she's a very frightened little girl if she had to set next to someone with a gun.
Art was carrying a Glock, Travis has on a 1911. The guy with the flag was carrying an XDm9 with Gold Dots ;-)
Her 'rant' to state legislators is here:

Stang said...

Three Percenters: "The 2nd Amendment guarantees our right to keep and bear arms."

Journalist: The Constitution gives us our right to bear arms.

Lost in Translation.

Skip said...

I want a couple of those threeper flags.
Where can we find them, Mike?

Ed said...

Gee. Whatever happened to the concept of whatever is not explicitly prohibited is implicitly allowed?

An unclear law is one that a jury of your peers cannot completely understand and hence cannot apply to an accused.

Wishing that there was a law against something does not make it so.

Anonymous said...

as a post grad course...