Monday, November 21, 2011

Another country heard from. . . A "card-carrying member of the MSM" defends Tina Brown.

In response to the exclusive below, I just received this comment:

Barkus said...

Sure, a source you happen to admire was made to look like a nut. That's unfortunate. But as a card-carrying member of the MSM, I have to tell you that editors are paid to make editorial decisions, and most often they make them for reasons of space, expediency and quality rather than for the conspiratorial ones you fancy. Here's what probably happened, because it happens all the time: They killed PATCON not because it "will get you killed" but because it didn't fit the larger (or smaller) purposes of the story. They had privileged access to Matthews, so they're going to ride that for all it's worth, rather than getting into PATCON. That the MSM is skeptical of conspiracy stories in general doesn't mean that they are part of a general conspiracy. And that a general-interest newsweekly runs a story that isn't the story you want it to run doesn't mean that FBI or the Clintons were calling the shots. Tina Brown calls the shots at Newsweek; that's what she gets paid for. You might like her or you might hate her; I have mixed feelings about her myself. But she, like most members of the MSM, is just doing her job, and while she might have a point of view -- so do you -- her job is fixing stories when they don't work, so that she can fix a magazine. It's not being part of an FBI "fix."

Well, now that we have THAT straight. But, actually, it is part of a fix and I'll trust my sources before I do a "card-carrying member of the MSM". Any day of the week.

The story was one thing one day.

It was another thing the next day.

In between, PATCON got cut out.

That's "fixing stories" all right.

Which was, if I recall, the whole point of the piece.


Barkus said...

C'mon, man. I've read your stuff. You're smart enough to know the different dimensions of the word "fix." TB fixes stories like mechanics fix lawnmowers. She can fix a story, without "the fix being in." And that was the point of my comment. But you know that already.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I figured out what the media's idea of "fixed" was, long ago. They've been "fixing" our country ever since. It seems that our country isn't Marxist enough for them, and they want to help "fix" that.

Your wasting your time Barkus, everybody here knows the score. We've been keeping score. The attempts at distraction, won't work.

DH Pence said...

Jesus Barkus - we're talking Tina Brown - formerly of the Huffington Post. Her progressive slant is going to impact ANY article she reviews. For a prime example look at her work on the beast. Her coverage of the Clintons in any way, shape, or form has always been flattering and never showed any of the media warts that other outlets carried. You don't get a buy here brother - her political contributions scream Billary.

Barkus said...

Yes, and she hired Sidney Blumenthal to be her White House correspondent when she edited the New Yorker. I get it. But that doesn't mean that she colluded with the FBI to purge the story of damning material. That ain't the way it works, folks.

Anonymous said...

Dan Rather, rather likes thes fix too.

Mozart said...

I think your getting to them Mike :)


Anonymous said...

The government doesn't practice entrapment, either. Oh, wait...

AJ said...

C'mon guys, don't crucify Barkus, I think it's good to have someone (purportedly) from the MSM participating here.

@Barkus: Doesn't journalistic integrity entail telling the whole story, even if it may damage someone (or that person's agenda) whom you may admire?

Mt Top Patriot said...

Hey Barcus! That's just more lies on top of ones foisted on us.
Hey pal, just who do you believe you are fooling?
What you sent Mike reads like derangement syndrome of a brainwashed statist drone.

Hey did this dumb ass lying sack of shit really expect any of us to buy into such bullshit?
I mean really?
Its a question!
Its not us who are dummer than a box of rocks.
No more free rides dickhead.

The cats out of the bag Pal. All of you lying sons of a bitches in the media don't get any free rides.
Your useful dupes who don't want to know the truth are the only people in America remaining who buy into your propaganda and agitprop.
Us who seek the truth, well lets say the truth has a sanitizing effect.

Barkus said...blah blah blah.
What a load of crap.
Diarrhea of the mouth.
I can't hear youuuuu!

You Go Mr. Mike!
You really have these bums worried if they are lowering themselves to reading what a lowly Constitutional American like yourself has to say.

Up their arses!

Anonymous said...

Like most media dogs, his barkus is worse than his bite us. And as for the 'fix' - maybe he's on his way to the vet to get 'tutored.'


Anonymous said...

Collusion, threat, irs audit, private plane wreck, snowflaked, liberal bias, etc, etc, all are "fixes", and yes that is the way it works.

Anonymous said...


As in take your dog to the vet and have him fixed?

Anonymous said...

One day the story was about a raspberry bush, leaves branches thorns raspberries and the fertilizer used to grow it. The next day the story was about a spoonful of raspberry jam on your toast. All nice, sweet, tasty and palatable for the masses. Eat up boys and girls, have nice day. :)

Barkus said...

Answer to AJ: Yes, of course. And yes, of course it could have been a better story. But, once again, that doesn't mean it's the product of a conspiracy.

indio007 said...

I'm a bought sick of the conspiracy label crap.
The fact is conspiracies happen all day every day. In fact, if you know anything about the history of the legal system there was something called a Writ of Conspiracy which was used by individuals to prosecute them. You could not even prosecute something in ancient times unless there was a Writ for it. Kind of funny that there was a Writ specifically for conspiracies in the 12th century.

"Conspiracy theory"" is code for "your a psycho" and is simply a pre-fabbed ad hominem attack. Which of course is the most pathetic of all logical fallacies.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Wow Barkus, that was an amazing statement by you:
"Answer to AJ: Yes, of course."

All any of us want is the who what when and why.
We are adults and sovereign souls. We are intelligent enough to determine for ourselves what is right or wrong.
We do not want or need to be lied to.
It is simple as that.

The truth for me is the mainstream media machine, which you are a part of, is a lie factory, run by folks who believe they know what is best for us.
That "best for us" part is tyranny Mr. Barkus.
It is unacceptable.
Who do you ivory tower occupiers think you all are?
If the FBI, the ATF, Eric Holder, even the won himself is innocent, what is there to fear? We are talking about an impersonal leviathan that can weather a little scrutiny if they have done no wrong.
Who are you to decide Mr. Barkus?
You guys have purposefully lied to us for decades if not longer. It is with malice and foresight you all have done this. That malice and foresight is responsible for foisting a lie upon our sovereign souls who's purpose was to control the narrative in order to control the people in order to change a Constitutional Republic based on the Rule of Law into a cash cow for a ruling elite to milk to death.
If that is not the definition of a conspiracy I do not know what is.

You and your associates have some answering to do Mr. Barkus.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Barkus,

Use only few words as I do and tell us by truth and facts what you think of John F. Kerry (D) U.S. Senate, awards and citations.

Your ever true,

Anonymous said...

Barkus, please stay.

Like most of flyover America, the readers here are probably a little bit jaded. I personally think you MSM types are drinking your own bathwater.

But I do believe you have to be smart to rise in that world, so I hope you will continue to engage, and be subject to the possibility of new ideas affecting your worldview.

If you are as intellectually rigorous with yourself, as you expect the author here to be, then can we agree that debating the finer points of Tina's world, is missing the point, by such a wide margin, that it calls your own integrity into some doubt?

Surely, you can do better.

Anonymous said...

Barkus, I'd appreciate your thoughts on Journolist.

Anonymous said...

The US government is and has been for the last 100 years or so predisposed to lies, omissions and numerous methods of obfuscation and deception. MSM editors know that in order to stay in the good graces of that government, they have to go along to get along.

The Fed mindset is that it's far easier to compartmentalize, classify and deny any and all "uncomfortable" facts than it is to face a concerned public with open hands and real facts (as opposed to good facts).

Has anyone in the MSM outwardly and loudly question the real fact that practically every "terrorist" bust has a heavy FBI/DHS/ATF/DOJ involvement as active participants? Nope.
Has anyone questioned the real fact that agent Terry's murders charges have been sealed and the judge's reasons for doing so have been sealed? Nope.

So, welcome to the party Barkus but try to understand that the folks here can tell the difference between real facts and good facts and the patterns of federal malfeasance are plainly visible and the MSM's complicity is obvious as well.

Understand that any animosity is a response to decades of being painted by the Fed/MSM alliance as enemies of the republic to the point of having major "law enforcement" initiatives such as PATCON, "Patriot" act, GunWalker, et al being implemented to hide the true enemies of the republic.

Step back from your preconceptions and look at the real facts as to who has been declared "enemy combatants" and the disdain of their natural human rights as recognized by the Bill of Rights.