Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Apparently I've picked up a damn virus that screws with any search engine.

No matter what I punch in, it takes me to anti-virus ads. Crap.


David Neylon said...

sounds more like malware. are you running Ad-Aware? If not, you should.

Doug said...

I just realized I've been afflicted with this malware again. TDSKiller got rid of it for me the first time. Check it out, it's free.

millerized said...

AGV (or another virus scanner...but not what you're currently using since it's already missing the thing) and a rootkit checker are your next steps.
is a good place to start.

Lost a computer last night, after checking mine for the reason I bought golf clubs in Oregon...and I don't golf OR live west of the Miss.

Anonymous said...

Have you downloaded any "updates" from Adobe?

That is how I got a virus. It wasn't actually Adobe but a virus instead.

You can contact microsoft and allow a microsoft person remote access into your computer and maybe they can find and get rid of it.

I hope whoever spread it gets his karma screwed big big big time.

good luck

Anonymous said...

Dual boot UBUNTU LINUX (used it for two years and got rid of Windows) and your problems are over, generally. Unless you can afford apple products, which are worth the price IMHO.

Unknown said...

suggestion - go to - it's a website for advice on viruses, trojans etc

read the "what to do first" link - it'll have you scan with CCleaner, SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes and have you save the scan logs.
then look for a post describing what you've got - likely you'll see it near the top of the threads - and just follow the instructions there. They'll have already analyzed what the trojan is and where it resides and what it will take to shed it

hope that helps, they've saved me a couple of times

Anonymous said...


Out Saidia Lab way in New Mexico some say that the NSA under this thug are working on ways to slelect blogs not liked and mal-ware them out of the net.

They are good at what they do,
ask the Iran Nuke people.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend running "Malware Bytes" anti-malware. Then reboot the computer run it in safe mode and run the anti-malware software again in safe mode, as some malware, virus will insert themselves in the registry.
You could download it from another computer and run it from a thumb drive.

Anonymous said...

Sign on to norton and take the free 15 day trial of norton Internet security. Norton finds all threats and removes them. I cant tell you how many times poisned websights try to Infect my computer and norton always halts the attack. it works best if you download norton from softpedia as the virus usualy will try to stop you from going to norton for help as they are designed to "fear" them by redirecting you to their fake anti virus websight. you could also try micorsoft security essentials.. but they just susaly see a virus and say they cant remove it.

Anonymous said...

The techies are waiting in line to come over to your house and install Ubuntu for you for free. They'll even bring you a low-carb muffin to eat while you wait. Are you still using Windows out of religious devotion?

AJ said...

Looks like everybody beat me to it; AVG, TDSSkiller, and Malware Bytes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you did not find the virus... Maybe the virus found you Mike. Denninger has some interesting posts on computer security... BTW. PGP is crackable...

The Allegory III

DH Pence said...

Brother don't waste your time - get Malwarebytes anti-malware (free edition). If the system won't let it run rename the .exe to .com. IT WILL fix you right up

Anonymous said...

I realize it's too late for this incident, but in the future you might consider using "Sandboxie" in conjunction with your browser. It's free and can be found at .

Rickinyuma said...

Had that one myself this year. Fixed it with PC Tools Spyware Doctor. It isn't really a destructive virus, but a spoofer that tries to get you to subscribe to a ficticious virus removal software. PC Tools was the easy way to remove this crap.

Anonymous said...

Malware Bytes...that's the ticket!

Anonymous said...

Mike etal,

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Anonymous said...

another +1 for MalwareBytes.

Then believe it or not install MicroSloth Security Essentials and run that once your system is clear. Or use Ubuntu Linux.

Anonymous said...

I had a something similar happen to my Firefox browser and I have Norton security suite. When I did a Google search it would redirect about 3 out of every 4 times. When I used the Norton toolbar with Norton search, it worked fine.

Note that the redirect happens only after you get the search results and click on one of the results. A way around this is to copy and paste the URL rather than click on the search result.

I tried everything, reloading firefox, and even had Norton take over my computer to try and find what was happening with no luck. Eventually, after weeks, the problem went away, but I do not know why.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend using a good firewall like IPCOP, ClearOS or something similar. It will make a huge difference and they are both open source free. Both can run AV on the firewall itself to help protect you system. You might want to also scan for any "root kits" just in case.

Dont be intimidated since all that is required is to download a disk image and burn it to a cd then install it from a reboot on an old pc, configuration is step by step and then just plug it in between your incoming from isp and your home pc or network.

Anonymous said...

With Ubuntu and Mac you won't need to worry about all the 3rd party software you need to buy/find for free, and learn to use, to run a "safe" Windows system.

Anonymous said...

Download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and Rkill.

Run rkill to disable any programs that might stop your anti-virus from running, then run MalwareBytes "Full Scan" on your hard drive(s).

Will take a while, but should get everything bad off of your computer. At some point in the scan, your computer might look like it has frozen, but just leave it alone, it is an intensive scan.

When it finishes, and you click to remove all malware, it'll ask to restart your computer. Do it. You might want to run a full scan again, later, just to make sure it got everything. Those viruses love to make copies of themselves.

Anonymous said...

You know the Feds are gonna try an' mess with yr equipment mate......anonymouse.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem.

Microsoft did a remote access to my computer. They did a bit by bit extraction of the virus because it was embedded in the registry. There was no charge for the service and they are nice folks too.

One tool they have in their arsenal is the Malicious Software Removal Tool. Also, they provided Microsoft Security Essentials as a free product.

Avast Antivirus free version.


Anonymous said...

You might try running Microsoft's malicious software removal tool.
start>run> mrt.exe & hit enter. should be installed already& ready to run.

btw, who is your ISP?

Chief said...

Zone alarm for
Avast for virus, rootkits,
Windows Defender for
Spybot Search&

Easy to download and run. I also use CCleaner and run it several times per
Go to and get them all at
I run each once per day and keep clean. They will run in the background and not bother your work.

They will find the evil crap and give you the privilege of killing it them a go.

Still awaiting the Novelette....
I'll send some subscribe loot soon.

Thanks for all you do

Ol' Chief

BigFred said...

Loaris Trojan remover, and PC Tools Spware Doctor work for me. Zone Alarm and Stopzilla were resource hogs for me in Vista.