Monday, November 21, 2011

Enter Hillary, Stage Left.

The Hillary Moment.

Tell me again, GOP, why you don't want to go after the State Department Connection to the Gunwalker Scandal?


Mark Roote said...

The only reason I can think of for the GOP to leave Hillary alone right now is so that if Obama steps aside and she gets in the race, they can go after her and essentially guarantee a GOP win.
While this could be good for the GOP, whether it's good for the People will depend on who gets the GOP nomination. We all know the GOP leadership is trying to push Romney into the nomination. I won't cover why this would be bad for the People, I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

WarriorClass III said...

The Masters of the GOP are really no different than the Democrats; they both work for the same Banking Cartel that wants to enslave the world. They also reallise the entire ponzi scheme is about to collapse and really don't want to be in power when it happens.

Anonymous said...

Caddell & Schoen have no interest in firearms related issues... definitely from the 'guns are icky' crowd. The concepts and precedents of F&F are beyond their intellectual reach and way outside their journalistic comfort zones.

Interesting that they're pushing HC to the front now that the egotistical, narcissistic Barry Soetoro is plummeting in the polls and the nation is teetering on the verge of economic disaster.

HC ain't gonna save the day. Like so many have said, she's politically little more than Barry in a skirt with heavy make-up. HC was an entrenched leftist when Barry was still looking for his 'roots' in Indonesia. Left is left, old or new. The emperor's clothes look the same on her as they do on Barry. And that's not the picture anyone wants to see again.

HC is another 'red herring' to distract us from the Democrats head long rush to embrace communism and build support for more bureaucracy and fiat governance. Which is the root cause of this nations continuing demise.

Maybe Barry was the sacrificial candidate for the immoral imposition of a national health care system. HC tried and was resoundingly defeated in that respect. Now that it's nearly a feat accompli, maybe they feel it's safe for her re-emergence into political 'leadership'... bad joke, I know. My apologies.

Thinking HC will be any different or 'mo bettuh' than Barry is laughable. And WHO want's that lecherous monster BC roaming the WH again?

Hmmm? What's the theme song playing here? Something about perjury & impeachments and Democrats in the WH?

Good luck Caddell & Schoen. Pinning HC to the Democratic life boat chained to their sinking ship ain't gonna keep anyone's head above water. Thanks for reminding us once again where your allegiance & loyalties lay.

Anonymous said...

More importantly, Hillary shows no indication that she wants to run now, as she did a couple of years back. She looks horrible, not at all what any candidate would allow to be presented for imaging. But if that changes, the push may have legs. I don't see that happening.

The people who are in charge of this effort at power, are Marxists and they are known for their patience because they have always been the underdog, simply because what they believe in, has never and will never work as a superior system of government. It does however, work quite well for those in power.

These people see beauty in the Zil limousine, and it's badge of Soviet authority and power, they want one of their very own, and a state supplied driver and bodyguard. They believe they are right and no one, is going to convince them through logic that they aren't. They have taken all the steps necesarry to protect themselves and the "movement."

The government now belongs to them and they are not going to let go of it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @0506 - you pretty well nailed it.
I think that the reason that hrc might emerge from the fray looking like the cavalry is that by carefully crafted appearance (aided & abetted by the msm) she will look so much more 'moderate' than barry s that the fence sitters (mostly independents) will obligingly fall for the facade that she will get in.
And while carefully maintaining that appearance of moderation, she will quietly push the leftest agenda fully into place. That may have been the plan all along - get barry in to sow seeds of discontent (and do as much damage as possible) and then slip in the supposed moderate hrc in to finish us off in the guise of saving the republic.

Anonymous said...

Nobody much has been beating the drum for Hillary because the polls showed all the GOP candidates trailing Obama. Now many of the front runners have pulled even with him or passed him up in some polls. Expect the volume of the "Draft Hillary" buzz to get louder.