Saturday, November 26, 2011


I've been very busy this weekend despite the lack of posts. Mostly I have been considering the near future and the many things that have come down the trail at me. In a word, there's too much on my plate.

Bob Wright has tentatively agreed to help me spin off the Praxis side of SSI into another blog. Not that Sipsey Street is going to become exclusively Gunwalker and PATCON. Sipsey Street will continue to cover a wide spectrum of subjects -- what ever interests me and that I think important to the times that we find ourselves in.

It is just that the Praxis side has been neglected and spinning it off into a stand-alone site covering all the practical topics of a functioning and healthy armed citizenry.

Bob Wright is the perfect editor for such a site and I will contribute as well, of course. Maybe we cazn talk the Trainer and Ranger Rick to contribute as well.

The fact of the matter is that I'm getting to the point where I have to have help -- archiving the posts on the site so they are not subject to hacking or official interruption, saving archival emails, filtering incoming emails. There is just too much to do and the taking on of a secretary is both sensitive and problematic, mostly because I have difficulty turning loose of control over things that I have responsibility for.

Anyway, I will probably not be posting substantive stuff until late tonight or first thing in the morning.


Anonymous said...

First and foremost, take care of yourself, Mike - I wish you a speedy recovery.

Your work on Gunwalker and PATCON is extremely important and appreciated. With an AWOL media, there are only a handful of patriots covering these crimes - please keep up the great reporting. History and heaven have reserved a place for you, my friend.

God speed.

Cederq said...

How can I help? I have time and some skill for the job.
Let me know. How's the printer?

Kevin Cederquist

Female III said...

Please pass on to Mr. Wright.:

Anonymous said...

Mike, your great work is appreciated and a micro-action is due. Ok, its over back to work. Seriously, a suggestion to keep in mind during your expansion...

Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.

George Washington

WarriorClass III said...

That'a great idea; just put a link to it on your site.

Anonymous said...

Continue your great work Mike because we all know, you ain't over the target unless you are taking some flak.

As for your expansion, remember;

Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.

George Washington

Anonymous said...

Growth at SSI is a good thing for your readers...unless it kills you.
The Jethro principle: Exodus 18:13-25

Bad Cyborg said...

Hang in, Mike. I, for one, am just happy that the lack of activity on SSI is not a reflection of a health or other crisis. I was beginning to wonder if the feds had done something to you - curse them all with the full spectrum of the herpes family of viruses INCLUDING genital warts!

Toaster 802 said...

Bob Wright has tentatively agreed to help me spin off the Praxis side of SSI into another blog.

This is great news. The more how to be a minuteman info out there the better. Can't wait to see it!

thedweeze said...

A request: please make the "praxi" (or whatever the proper plural form is) searchable or have an index.

I spent quite a lot of time backtracking to find the post mentioning the cartridge belt for .303 +/or 7.62x54R type ammo.

Of course when I finally found it, I bought two. Thanks again for that.


Dedicated_Dad said...

"TheDweeze" -- Google is your friend!

Actually, Google is The Enemy - but that is a topic for another post!

**SCROOGLE** is your friend!

Scroogle allows you to use Google's search functions WITHOUT the invasions of privacy that go along with using Google!

Here's the easy way to find what you want on a certain site:

(1) Go to then click the "scroogle scraper" link
(2) Put the search-string in quotes to find an exact phrase such as "cartridge belt" - in this case I'd probably enter this:

"cartridge belt" .303 brit

(3) Then - here's the good part - after your search-phrase, enter one space then the URL of the site you wish to search -- like this:

" site:"

In this case, I'd enter the following:

"cartridge belt" .303 brit

When I just tested that string, the very first result was the one you were looking for!

One hint: DO NOT put a space between "site:" and the site-name -- this will make it fail!

This can be done for any site indexed by Google -- just remember:
(1) -->site-scraper
(2) SearchTerm1 "Search Phrase in quotes" site:



PS: I made the "Scraper" page my home-page, so when I open a new browser window it takes me right to it!

Anonymous said...

Looking through some old Praxis pposts and stumbled across this one. Did the Praxis spin off ever happen? If so, what is the website address as I always found the Praxis posts to be the most valuable aspect of your site and the thought of a site strictly dedicated to them is a great idea!