Saturday, November 26, 2011

A note to "Bombin' Johnny" Bangerter. (And a wink and grin in the direction of Kirk Lyons, too.)

"These silly right-wingers think I am Mossad," says Kirk Lyons, Andreas Carl Strassmeier's "attorney" who had him spirited out of the country when attention shifted to the German Panzergrenadier officer over the Oklahoma City Bombing. Not me Kirk, I always KNEW you were an FBI PATCON asset.

My PATCON Newsweak story is bringing all the old suspects out of the bushes. You'd think I was talking about them, or something. First, to "Bombin' Johnny" Bangerter.

Sorry, Johnny, but that's what J.D. Cash used to call you and I never grew out of the habit. Please, Johnny, stop clogging up the comments section. If you have something you want to say to me, please send me an email to I would be happy to communicate with you about PATCON and other issues.

The same goes for Kirk Lyons and all the old Andreas-Carl-Strassmeier-FBI-Asset Anti-Defamation League. I'm particularly interested in crossing swords with ole' Kirk, considering how well that worked out for him last time. Are you still claiming you were in the Talladega National Forest the day of the bombing, Kirk? ;-)

Thanks to the both of you,

Mike Vanderboegh
Formerly editor of The John Doe Times.
(Still on your trail after all these years.)


Anonymous said...

know that it is God who prepares a man's hand for battle. Godspeed and a safe trip Mike

Dedicated_Dad said...

Personally, I'd welcome any info Johnny would like to share.

Sunlight's the best disinfectant!

john Bangerter said...

I will be happy when justice is served .

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard much about Kirk since he co-opted and destroyed the Sons of Confederate Veterans to give him a place to play out his neo-confederate buffoonery.
At least he has that anonymous unknown couple that met him on the Talladega National Forest trail that day going for him...

Kirk D. Lyons said...

Why yes Mike - I was participating in a 55 mile March that culminated in the reenactment of the Battle of Selma - would you like to see the pictures - I see you have not matured any in your level of discernment - my story - the truth as I knew it - has not changed - and the current revelations by Matthews as reported in the FBI reports is so full of nonsense and lies that if the government paid for that information,he should be prosecuted for fraud and theft - not to mention putting innocent citizens at risk. I'm sure you will rave on - go ahead - the government loves people like you who cannot tell fact from fancy - it only insures that the guilty in and out of government will continue to get away with it - not that our apathetic citizenry would do ANYTHING even if Jesus Christ was holding the evidence proving government complicity. So keep writing - But you would be more effective if you would pull your head out - just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Mike, I am very interested in what Johnny Bangerter has to say. You ask him to not clog up your blog.
My question for you Mr.Vanderboegh is, what knowledge and truth does Johnny Bangerter have, that keeps you from allowing him to post?
Barbara Bailey