Sunday, November 20, 2011

Praxis: Why you should always fly with a weapon.

Interesting strategy for using firearms to keep TSA and baggage pilferers out of yer stuff.


Chuck III said...

Works like a charm. First on, and first off at the baggage claim every time.


David Codrea said...

This caution on domestic travel cannot be over-emphasized--first, a warning:

Claiming luggage while transporting guns can put travelers at risk

Then a real-world application where the scenario played out:
New Jersey gun case demonstrates no justice possible through ‘lawful’ avenues

pdxr13 said...

I have a pot metal Italian starter pistol that uses brass cartridges for sale in my small display case at an antique mall for $35. The main advantage of this little piece of junk is that it is legal to own and possess in all 50 states (even NYC!) but is a "TSA Firearm" for luggage handling purposes.

In any reasonably free place, a starter pistol like mine should be valued like a used child's toy. A prop, at best. Fifty cent bin at garage sale is where it belongs.

Don't bring a starter pistol to the UK, as it could be worth up to 3 years.

drjim said...

Excellent post!

Bad Cyborg said...

The original post plus David's two invaluable blogs are why I will not fly.


If I cannot drive there in the available time then I will not go.

I will not voluntarily go to basically any of the original 13 States. I only leave Texas to see my Son and Grand (soon to be GREAT GRAND) children.

I prefer not to go anywhere if I can avoid it.

Can a nation where such injust prevails long endure?

General Stark said it best Live free or die. There are worse evils than death.

Bullets before burqhas
Pistols before prayer rugs
Shot guns before sharia
Rifles before ramadan

drjim said...

Thanks for the additional info, David.
While the original reference provided by Mike seemed hopeful, I guess you just can't keep a good bureaucrat down!
Maybe ship them ahead via FedEx??

Dr.D said...

perfect use for that old pellet or airsoft gun


Anonymous said...

There used to be a comedian back in the day, who said he would always carry a bomb with him when he flew.

Since the chance of a single bomb being on an airplane was extremely slim, he rationalized that the chances of there being 2 bombs on the same airplane were next to impossible!

I can't remember who the funny-man was, it was several decades back - when you could joke about this stuff...