Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rep. Alan West tells it like it is.



AJ said...

the useless GOP should nominate Rep. West for president. Be nice to have a leader for once.

Female III said...

Failures and mishandling? I'm sure he meant to say criminal intent and acts of treason. Right? How I wish this high-profile patriot would use the words that factually describe the actions of this Muslimarxunist pig. Is he afraid to be labeled as "not nice" or something? obama and his anus toy Holder are workers of evil and enemies of this country and therefore the world. They don't deserve civility. They deserve the gallows and Hell.

Anonymous said...

Resigning for Holder is too good for him.

The man is an accomplice to multiple murders by facilitating these weapons. The rest of us would be in jail for life. What about Herr Holder?

Lamppost, rope, politician. Some assembly required. Volunteers? Sure as hell won't be anybody in the District of Criminals.

It's past time.

Bob K

Jhn1 said...

It is too bad you can't write the first few questions (with follow ups) for each of Issa's hearings.

Stang said...


Military Corruption isn't too impressed with him. He also voted for the debt limit hike and the Patriot Act.

We can do much better than West.

Anonymous said...

I dont want Eric to step down, because typically when they "step down" they get away without being prosecuted for what they have done.
I want Him prosecuted sued civily, and thrown in prison for the rest of his life for aiding in multiple murders and treason on the US citizens of this country..

Get a new rope, so he wont bitch.

pete said...

At first I thought West was "the man". But Female III and Stang make extremely valid points.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please, GOP, please do nominate West as your candidate in 2012. Please do that. Please.

So the sane among us can watch gleefully as Obama is reelected in the biggest landslide in US history.