Monday, November 21, 2011

SSI EXCLUSIVE: The "Patriot Conspiracy" fix at Newsweak. Tina Brown guts a story to protect Democrats & the FBI. "PATCON will get you killed."

Newsweek is an American weekly news magazine published in New York City. It is distributed throughout the United States and internationally. It is the second-largest news weekly magazine in the U.S., having trailed Time in circulation and advertising revenue for most of its existence. Newsweek is published in four English language editions and 12 global editions written in the language of the circulation region.

Since 2008, Newsweek has undergone a series of internal and external contractions designed to shift the magazine's focus and audience while shoring up the title's finances. Instead, losses at the newsweekly accelerated: revenue dropped 38 percent from 2007 to 2009. The revenue freefall prompted an August 2010 sale by owner The Washington Post Company to 92-year-old audio pioneer Sidney Harman — reportedly for a purchase price of $1.00 and an assumption of the magazine's liabilities. . .

In November 2010 Newsweek merged with the news and opinion website The Daily Beast after extensive negotiations between the proprietors of the respective publications. Tina Brown, The Daily Beast's editor-in-chief was expected to serve as the editor of both publications. Newsweek is jointly owned by Harman and IAC. -- Wikipedia.

"Can we write this story without even mentioning FBI complicity, PATCON, the Clinton Administration, Waco and Oklahoma City?" The answer, it seems, was 'yes.'

Going into this weekend, I knew these three things to be certain.

1. Newsweek had a story about a paid confidential informant enlisted under PATCON, an FBI program that spanned many years, including the years that Ruby Ridge, Waco and the Oklahoma City Bombing happened. PATCON is shorthand for "Patriot Conspiracy."

2. I also knew from sources, living and dead, that PATCON was the worst scandal that the FBI ever perpetrated. PATCON could sink the FBI, perhaps permanently, and along with the Gunwalker Scandal, totally discredit the teflon coating that the Bureau has excreted around its corrupt core and thoroughly debunk the myth that the FBI is anything but an agency of arsonists posing as firemen.

3. Finally, I knew that Newsweek would run the story tomorrow. I have been hinting about this story for weeks, and now it was about to happen.

The only thing was, I heard yesterday, that there was a better than even chance that as a result of intervention by Tina Brown, Newsweek's editor, there might not even be any mention of PATCON, Waco or Oklahoma City -- no mention, in fact, of a lot of things.

Of course I also knew that it didn't mean that the PATCON story would end there. It won't. It will come out whether Tina Brown's troubled and cash-strapped magazine benefits from it or not. (Interesting, isn't it, how corrupt politics trumps fiduciary responsibility to the owners of Newsweek, Jane Harmon and the stockholders of IAC, and the public's right to know?

Staff members at Newsweek and The Daily Beast said the environment there had become difficult in recent weeks. People who work there, who did not want to publicly criticize their bosses, say morale in the newsroom has sunk as Ms. Brown has had more frequent outbursts in front of her employees. “It’s all hell, it’s agony,” she has been overheard telling staff members about the quality of their work, according to one of them.

Executives at the magazine are extremely sensitive to perceptions that Newsweek is performing poorly and point to metrics like a 20 percent rise in newsstand sales and a 2.6 percent increase in subscription renewals (they had been in decline for five years) as proof that the turnaround efforts are gaining steam.

“We don’t face financial difficulties,” said Barry Diller, whose IAC/InterActiveCorp owns The Daily Beast. “The attempt has been to take The Beast and revive Newsweek, which we said at the beginning was going to be a two-year effort. We are actually ahead of schedule.” -- New York Times, 14 November 2011.

So there, Diller explained, they don't need a blockbuster issue -- or even a stunning series of articles that everyone would be drawn to read -- because they are "ahead of schedule." Were they to take this monetarily self-destructive decision, I thought, it would certainly illustrate the political preferences of Tina Brown, Lady Evans, CBE, nee Christina Hambley Brown and the power of FBI blackmail to get what it wants.

Well, it is Monday and the article is out.

And now we know what a cabal of New York editors under pressure from a frightened FBI and nervous White House can do to the story of the greatest crime ever perpetrated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation -- they can gut it, reducing it almost to innocuousness, all to protect criminals who hide behind federal badges and to shield the politicians who sent them.

For you see, you may scan this article, you may study it, you may even read it backwards, but you will find no mention of PATCON. Nor will you find any mention of how PATCON touched upon, shaped the lives of and ultimately decided the fate of the dead at Ruby Ridge, Waco and Oklahoma City. For PATCON has been excised by the editorship of Tina Brown and sent down the memory hole as if it never existed.

Sources in advance of the story said that FBI was very afraid of this article. "They don't want PATCON mentioned," said one source. "Not ever, by anybody. Because it leads to OKBOMB (the FBI name for the Oklahoma City bombing case), Elohim City (Oklahoma, a Christian Identity community), (German undercover agent Andreas Carl) Strassmeier, the McVeigh-Strassmeier connection, the Aryan Republican Army, the whole shebang." A source out west told me that when he mentioned the name to a retired FBI agent, he was told to "stay away from that shit" for "PATCON will get you killed -- it's national security."

There are many rumors and individual bits of fact that have drifted out about PATCON over the years -- Stories of FBI informants and undercover assets giving taxpayer-funded operational assistance -- including weapons, explosives and money -- to neoNazi and racist terrorists to cement their relationships with the criminals; Reports that an operation that began with real concerns about racist terrorist groups like The Order was expanded to include mere political opponents of the Clinton administration and the defensive-oriented constitutional militias; Reports of a similar operation called VAAPCON, "Violence Against Abortion Providers," using the same tactics; Reports that the Southern Poverty Law Center was hip-deep as a partner to the FBI in PATCON; Reports of FBI penetration of the news media, religious institutions and the ranks of politicians of both parties, who very usefully expanded the FBI's power and reach and who provided political cover when the curtain slipped. Oklahoma lawyer and journalist J.D. Cash once told me that "there isn't a neoNazi or racist group in the country that isn't operationally controlled by the FBI." Did that include the Aryan Republican Army and the Oklahoma City bombing? I asked. "Certainly," he replied. So, the prospect of a story in a major news magazine about PATCON must have given the FBI a severe case of the old rectal looseness.

Now, however, "the Fibbies in the Hoover Building, (Eric) Holder and (Janet) Napolitano must feel like dancing" said another source. "They got what they wanted out of Newsweek. Jesse Trentadue must feel like puking."

I have not interviewed Mr. Trentadue for this article, but I rather suspect the source is right. For this was an article crafted out of documents, now part of the public record, that Trentadue -- a Salt Lake City lawyer who has been trying for 17 years to find out the true circumstances of the murder of his brother Kenney at the hands of government agents in an isolation cell at the federal lockup in El Reno Oklahoma a few months after the OKC bombing -- provided Newsweek. He even led them to the former PATCON confidential informant, John Matthews.

And what did Trentadue get for all his troubles, for putting his faith in Newsweek, for literally giving them the story on platter?

Here's what he got:

Trentadue believed that the FBI had confused Kenney for a member of a gang of white supremacist bank robbers called the Aryan Republican Army; though for years the FBI has claimed that McVeigh largely acted alone, Trentadue has uncovered evidence allegedly linking him to the ARA and the group to the bombing.

You will note that there is no mention of PATCON and so many modifiers that it merely makes Trentadue look like a conspiracy theorist loon.


Well, that's all very well and good, Vanderboegh, you may say, but where's the proof that this CI was even involved in PATCON?

Take a look at this and you tell me.

Compare it to the Newsweek story.

The subject is John Matthews.

The heading is "PATCON" -- Patriot Conspiracy.

This will be the first document of many posted in these pages as we gradually explore the records related to PATCON and confidential sources who will explain its outline, scope and bloody consequences.

If the FBI thought they dodged a bullet by persuading Tina Brown to expunge PATCON and its details from this article they reckoned without the Sipsey Street Irregulars and the Coalition of Willing Lilliputians.

There are many more dark corners of PATCON that have yet to be explored and Mr. Matthews will certainly be an excellent tour guide for some enterprising reporter who doesn't work for Tina Brown and who is willing to get to the truth.

There are even links from PATCON to the Gunwalker Scandal.

After all, personnel, as I was taught in Business 101, is policy.

Future articles here at Sipsey Street will explore the details of the murder of Kenney Trentadue and Eric Holder's role in covering them up. It will also deal with the tale of how a U.S. Attorney in Arizona made the proffer to McVeigh associate Michael Fortier in order to flesh out the "lone bomber theory" and divert attention away from Elohim City, the Aryan Republican Army and federal undercover informant Andreas Carl Strassmeier.

The name of that United States Attorney was Janet Napolitano.


WarriorClass III said...

Was PATCON responsible for the MIAC report?:

Sure sounds like it.

We need to get to the bottom of this crime against America!


Anonymous said...

I knew they would cave even before I finished reading your original article about the proposed story.

Bad Cyborg said...

"If the FBI thought they dodged a bullet by persuading Tina Brown to expunge PATCON and its details from this article they reckoned without the Sipsey Street Irregulars and the Coalition of Willing Lilliputians."

To paraphrase Lucky Ned Pepper "I call that bold talk for a diabetic fat man with a cane."

Sic 'em, Dutchman!

TPaine said...

This link will be going on my blog, too! Time to start spreading this far and wide. Get it out to everyone!

Anonymous said...

There are the Marxists and those who are controlled by them and those who go along because they believe they will benefit or because they know better than to get in the way.

Their media, makes it all possible.

Anonymous said...

Mike - makes me wonder just how far back napolitano's involvement goes.
You also might want to see if you can delve into possible patcon involvement in the FBI shootout on Whidbey Island WA as well as the posse comitatus movement in the Pacific NW in the same general time frame - all well before Ruby Ridge.......
There seems to be the same 'flavor' in all of these. And let's not forget the circumstances regarding the demise of gordon kahl while we are at it.

Stanley Steamer said...

Gomer Pyle : "Surprise, surprise, surprise, Sergeant..."

I didn't know you, Mike, or David were illegal aliens from Mexico! Doing the jobs that Americans (journalists) don't want to do!

Now you're in for it. Now you'll have the ICE after your asses. You'll be arrested and deported to Mississippi! The horrors...

But then Tina Brown is a British subject. We are back living under The Crown. Sucks doesn't it? Guess we eventually will get a 'do-over' of 1776.

Maybe we need a Constitutional Amendment that says that only 'native-born Americans' can be editors or owners of national publications - like Newsweek.

We can't have an informed electorate if the electorate is not informed.

Final thought: We cannot ever, ever, ever, ever trust these lying sons-of-bitches in the MSM.

Barkus said...

Sure, a source you happen to admire was made to look like a nut. That's unfortunate. But as a card-carrying member of the MSM, I have to tell you that editors are paid to make editorial decisions, and most often they make them for reasons of space, expediency and quality rather than for the conspiratorial ones you fancy. Here's what probably happened, because it happens all the time: They killed PATCON not because it "will get you killed" but because it didn't fit the larger (or smaller) purposes of the story. They had privileged access to Matthews, so they're going to ride that for all it's worth, rather than getting into PATCON. That the MSM is skeptical of conspiracy stories in general doesn't mean that they are part of a general conspiracy. And that a general-interest newsweekly runs a story that isn't the story you want it to run doesn't mean that FBI or the Clintons were calling the shots. Tina Brown calls the shots at Newsweek; that's what she gets paid for. You might like her or you might hate her; I have mixed feelings about her myself. But she, like most members of the MSM, is just doing her job, and while she might have a point of view -- so do you -- her job is fixing stories when they don't work, so that she can fix a magazine. It's not being part of an FBI "fix."

bondmen said...

After dropping the meat out of this story the remaining broth proves Tina Brown could have a seamless transition to Government News Chief in Red China or Iran! Way to go girl, ingratiating yourself to domestic law breakers and to kleptocracies and thugocracies lead by men like Kim Jung Il and Hugo Chavez; you must know they are taking notice. Tina, by messing with your reporters and purging their detailed, hard work, your global career path is certainly looking up.

Anonymous said...

Apropos to not much at all, after looking at Hillary Clinton, Carolyn McCarthy, Janet Napolitano, and Now Tina Brown, I sure wish the Left would get some better looking women. Rachel Maddow is starting to look good by comparison and I'm messing with my gag reflex by even thinking that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need a Patriot ( a real patriot..meaning many an assembly of sorts) to assemble and force to push this issue and investigate on our own and ultimately enforce this countries laws on these treasonous bastards. And to make sure the judges follow thru or they will also be complicite in the law suit..all of the names in this lengthy debacle need to go down with no support of their "system" and the without fear from the treasonous government.

Citizens Of America For Resoration Of The Republic. or something like that..
armed to the teeth and defenders of the truth, they want to be transparent?..than they will need to have a Citizen governmental entitly at their hand 24-7 or they cannot proceed, and if they step out of line they by our law will be treated with more harsh punishment than the normal citizen..Because they know better and are affecting the lives of those they are, and were sworn to represent.

this needs to happen even if they dont like it..hell especially if they dont like it.

i wouldnt worry about the over crowding issues, we'll make room for them, right in the cells with the other rapists and molesters..because thats what they are
we can release non violent accused..and those who have not done any crime against another person..thats should free up plenty of cells for these traitors

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Vanderboegh

As a nube here at Sipsey, I wasn't aware of your journalistic history in the trenches.After reading this SSI Exclusive, I decided to do some research into some of the various subject matter. It wasn't long before I came across this.

OMG. The net still amazes me, and so do you Mr. Vanderboegh. Every time I come here you open my eyes a little more. Thank you sir. Keep it up. It's the only place I trust anymore.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the Penn State Board appoints Louis Freeh to buy them time during his 'independent' investigation. Irony, coincidence, or _______CON?

Anonymous said...

This is a good thing. The main-stream media has proven themselves to be irrelevant, particularly in the last few years - this is yet another nail in the coffin. They will rue the day when the honest bloggers run them out of business.

Best of all, we will now get all the details, unencumbered by politics, career-climbing, territorial protection, etc.

I would encourage us to be non-partisan on this, however. While I'm right-leaning, I would hate to have this turn into a partisan debate instead of a discussion about what is/has been going on - particularly if this fiasco has spanned several administrations (which it sounds like).

Keep up the great work.

Paul X said...

"I have to tell you that editors are paid to make editorial decisions, and most often they make them for reasons of space, expediency and quality rather than for the conspiratorial ones you fancy."

Years back, I used to write letters to the editor, for the Oregonian newspaper. These letters often concerned either a defense of RKBA or critiques of government schooling. I started noticing something funny with the letters they happened to print: they were being edited. At first I guessed it was for the very purposes you mentioned, space and quality. But the editing appeared clumsy, and I started to wonder about it. On two specific examples I counted the words of the letters I submitted and those of the edited letters they printed. In both cases the edited letters were actually LONGER than the ones I had submitted, and LESS GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT. They were intentionally dumbed-down to make an RKBA proponent look like a fool.

After that happened to me, I stopped having illusions about objectivity in the MSM.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I know that this should cause outrage.

My blood should be boiling, I should be asking "What F**KING COUNTRY **IS** THIS??!!"

All I can muster is a roll of the eyes - because (sadly) I *KNOW* what f***ing country this IS.

God help us -- and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!

Anonymous said...

PATCON and its variations are still going on. When you see the brutal Police State actions being carried out against Occupy protesters, realize this is what they've been building up to for 2 decades.

Don't let them confuse you. This has continued fluidly under all presidents and both parties.

THEY DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK, as long as you walk when they say walk and move when they say move.

The horrors of Ruby Ridge and Waco are forgotten due to government suppression AND the falsely promoted split between the "Left" & "Right". That's just a way to get real Americans to see each other as the enemy and fight amongst themselves as the elite stay on their course.

Freedom for all. No Police State.

Anonymous said...

Arianna Huffington, Tina Brown....Say what you will, women bosses/editrix are the WORST!

The cream does not rise to the top, the witches--and sexual opportunists--succeed.

They TEND to be petty, self-centered, shallow, and less attentive and attuned to the BIG PICTURE than men.

The world will be in a helluva worse condition if women take control.

Anonymous said...

HUGE mistake by Newsweak - PATCON is already showing up on the 'net where it's impossible to stifle the truth. Scoop-time, let the games begin!

Elias Alias said...

Jeez, Mike! You're having a great year. Gunwalker and now this.

Awesome work. Can't thank you enough. I'll spread it around.

And maybe you'll get a sec to dig on Daryl Johnson, author of the April 07 2009 DHS report that got leaked and subsequently shut down the non-Islamic domestic counter-terrorism department at DHS:

Elias Alias, Oath Keepers