Monday, November 21, 2011

Famous Last Words, No. 2,374. Falling somewhere between "Don't give up the ship!" & Nixon's "I am not a crook!"

"I'm shocked! Shocked! To find gunwalking going on here." "Your e-Trace print out from Mexico, sir." "Oh, thank you very much."

"This case has nothing to do with Fast and Furious," said ATF spokesman Thomas Crowley. "There hasn't been any gun-walking in the Dallas division of ATF."


Anonymous said...

The UPI article explicitly highlights the ATF mulitiple reporting requirements already in place, foreknowledge of criminal activity and the repeated denials about an already exposed practice...

Why are none of these 'public servants' being held accountable for their negligence, incompetence and perjury?

Oh, I remember now... they're above the law. The law is just for us peons who don't work for an 'elite' agency like ATF.

Ya, "I am not a crook" is certainly appropriate in this case.

Disband ATF. Criminal prosecutions with fines, jail times and pension forfeiture.

Anonymous said...

"Disband ATF. Criminal prosecutions with fines, jail times and pension forfeiture."

For TREASON, MULTIPLE MURDERS across international borders, MURDER OF TWO FEDERAL AGENTS, CONSPIRACY to COMMIT the aforementioned crimes? Quite charitable of you considering the damage done but I don't think it's even slightly adequate.

OH, and let's not forget that these operations have been tracked to the white house door, so eliminating the ATF, simply won't do either.

You should read a bit more about this, and perhaps your outrage will be commensurate with the deeds involved. This is a death penalty case that for some reason is being converted to a simple traffic infraction, no doubt by the guilty, since it benefit no one but them.

Ashrak said...



Deny denial.

Deny delaying denial.

Deny denying denial.

Deny denying delaying denial.

Hold elections, pass power to the "other" party and just stop talking about any of it. (rinse)

Repeat endlessly with a squishy "middle" who have been taught in "public" school to waffle back and forth in the voting booth to facilitate the back and forth power trading that accommodates endless denial and delay that removes accountability.

Sickening. Disgusting. Tomfoolery.

Anonymous said...

This guy needs to practice "The Jedi Hand Wave" as in:

Obiwan Kenobi to Storm Trooper NCO: "These aren't the 'droids you're looking for"

Storm Trooper NCO to detail: "These aren't the 'droids we're looking for."