Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Only a matter of time, I guess, before Joe Lieberman, or somebody else, persuades Google to crash this site.

"Lieberman To Google: Ban Terrorist Content."

In the wake of news that terror suspect Jose Pimentel was operating a jihadist Blogger site, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) is urging Google to implement a system that bans terrorist material.

Last week, Lieberman sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page on behalf of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs that called on Google to ramp up its efforts against terrorist material on the Blogger platform.

Pimentel’s “hate-filled writings” and “bomb-making instruction links” were littered throughout www.trueislam1.com, his Google-hosted Blogger site, Lieberman noted. Pimentel has been accused of attempting to plan what’s being described as a “lone wolf” terrorist attack by using pipe bombs.

“As demonstrated by this recent case, Google’s webhosting site, Blogger is being used by violent Islamist extremists to broadcast terrorist content,” he wrote. “Pimentel’s site is just one of the many examples of homegrown terrorists using Google-hosted sites to propagate their violent ideology.”

Lieberman pointed to YouTube’s Community Standards as a model for Blogger to build its policy after. YouTube, which is run by Google, prohibited terrorist content on its servers in September 2008. In November of last year, Google introduced a flag button on the YouTube platform – something that Lieberman has pushed for in hopes of Blogger preventing a future situation similar to the one involving Pimentel.

“I continue to appreciate and commend these important first steps but I am disappointed that Google has not developed a consistent standard throughout its many platforms,” he wrote. “Unlike YouTube’s Community Standards, Blogger’s Content Policy does not expressly ban terrorist content nor does it provide a ‘flag’ feature for such content.”

A Google spokesperson told CBS Connecticut that these issues against terrorist that Lieberman has pointed out are being taken under consideration.

“These are important issues that we take seriously,” the spokesperson said. “Blogger’s content policies prohibit, among other things, dangerous and illegal activities, threats of violence, and encouraging others to take violent action against another person or group of people.”

I trust that someone is downloading this site so it can be saved when somebody at Google pulls the plug. Can someone suggest a move to another host less sensitive to repressive government whims?


Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Hey Mike, if you get shot down, please shoot me an email and let me know where you're posting. I'll follow you to the ends of the blogosphere. I doubt I'll get shut down - I post so little these days. However, I will follow you wherever you go. You are a True American Patriot. Thank you!

Ernest said...

There's Freenet, but as a "hostless" internet it's pretty arcane. It's difficult to post to and even more difficult to find what you're looking for. Mostly it's used by child pornographers and software pirates at this point in time.

Frankly, I think when the time comes that they start shutting us anti-government bloggers down then it's just time to start fighting.

Once we've lost the means to communicate then the war will be over pretty fast and we won't be coming out on top.

Matt said...

Contact James W Rawles over at survivalblog.com. He's recently started double-timing his efforts to set up mirror sites overseas so he can stay up when the AX comes down. He's already being blocked at government locations.

TPaine said...

Mike, I run WordPress from my own domain, not from the "free" WordPress site. Just downloaded the program, installed it on my own domain. If you have a provider you can trust, get a domain name, set up your own blog, and move this content to it. If you know someone who runs a server, even better.

Anonymous said...

How about making a list with email addresses so you can still be in contact with us should something happen?

I post here under anonymous but I sent you an email from my regular email address this afternoon. Just put the request out that you want our email addresses and then we can respond to you accordingly.....

Anonymous said...

Following up on TPaine's comments... I agree that simply getting a virtual private server someplace (or 2 or 3 so that you have hot mirrors) is a good way to go. But don't try to become an admin on top of being a reporter. Find a nerd that you trust to keep a wordpress (or whatever) engine running smoothly for you, and to keep back ups running so you don't have to worry about it.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of Internet providers are committed to free speech and while Google might, operative word, might drop you from blogger, its a lot less likely they will block content from a private webpage.

Most computer geeks have a strong Libertarian bent and resent being told what to do and think by some sick authoritarian piece of crap in DC. On the whole they have little interest in censoring anything, especially protected political speech.

However if it does get to that point, be aware that many computer types are already working on a DarkNet.Those people fear and hate DC as much as any here.

The thing is that if people are pushed there, it will already be too late.

The reason for of open sites like this is not recruiting like Lieberman thinks, no rabble rousing but warning the powerful that they are getting to close to the flame.

Its about preventing a civil war.
Once people are pushed into those places and out of the light it will become about that dark topic "how to get those SOB's" instead and no matter what they think, the 3% and the countless other angry Americans vastly outnumber them.

drjim said...

So much for our First Amendment rights, I guess.....

Anonymous said...

When I lived in CT, we called Lieberman, "The Constipated Senator" He always talks like he is working something out with a pencil!! He and other phoney dildomachers is why I came to AL


Jeff in Wacheeta said...

Ha, lieberman can call on google to do whatever he wants, he doesn't know shit about the REAL internet underworld. Google...pffft.

fireplaceguy said...

Everyone should be archiving relevant sites using HT Track website copier - it's a free download at http://www.httrack.com

It copies entire sites onto your own memory and can also update your copies.

I agree with TPaine about using Wordpress (also free) and hosting your own site. This is what WRSA did, although they host at wordpress. Much better to use wordpress software but get your own domain name and hosting service - and it's probably just as well to go straight to offshore hosting right now.

AJ said...

Somebody should kick Joke Lieberman in the nuts.

Hammerhead said...

Who get's to decide what is defined as "terrorist content"?? Someday dissent might be defined as such! It's a slippery slope...

Cocked, locked and ready to rock!
Hammerhead out!

Anonymous said...

I agree with overseas servers/services and you will need it after you publish anyway and decide you need to move there to retain any earnings. Besides you may have to eventually so you can get you mail on time!

III more than them said...

I second TPaine. There are a lot of WordPress hosts that can assist with setup and migration of data from Blogger, if you don't have an IT guy in your stable.

I'm looking to set up my own, too. I'm sold on WP... just looking for a server now. Might take the cheap route and go with Go Daddy....

Dave said...

Google (at least the youtube division) has a history of accommodating requests from corrupt government entities wishing to suppress information about their criminal activities.

I've been following the Mr. Fuddlesticks saga mentioned on this very blog (http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/2011/08/hands-off-mr-fiddlesticks.html) which has turned out to be extremely interesting. Google/youtube did censor some material that did not violate any terms of service, presumably at the request of the corrupt police department.

Michael said...

To export Blog to local drive:

Go to your blog dashboard:
Blog Tools
Export Blog

This will save blog in XML format, from which it can be restored to Word Press or other Blog software. Caveat: I haven't tried this on a blog with a lot of content.


Andrea said...

Backing up your full site is VERY easy believe it or not. Got to your blog - choose "Settings" - at "Basic" tab click "Export blog" and save to your hard drive. Four+ years of posts took only a couple of minutes to save. When I imported them to WP - again - only took minutes including pictures/videos. It didn't grab side bar items.

Andrea said...

Lieberman's letter to Page is a BS smokescreen. As another CJ said yesterday - it is "the false flag that will be used to shut down anti-sharia/jihad sites too." Who will go first, the "Three Percenters" or CJ remains to be seen though what happened to BareNakedIslam last week is probably an indicator.

Andrea said...

The safest answer seems to be getting our sites hosted elsewhere.
My first choice is godaddy - aside from liking what I read of the product - if ya can't trust a Marine who the hell can you trust! http://www.bobparsons.me/about_bob.php?ci=21427
A Brit CJ uses this company which he says is based in UK & U.S.
Is it important that the host have their servers out of the US? I am beginning to wonder and need to look further at godaddy to see if they do that.

Anonymous said...

THey can't shut you down yet, I just discovered your blog a couple months ago whilst reading up on F & F. Gubmint at least gotta leave you up and running for Holder's behead.....er.....resignation.

Number 6 said...

I'll try to write a post on this subject, because with the SOPA stuff that's been going around, read here:

Net, lots of sites are under threat of seizure and shutdown, including pirate bay and others.

The method the government wants to use is delisting on social media and search engines the offending content, and killing the DNS record. So as long as there's a server somewhere you can put it, you could just use the IP only, otherwise, there's something that can be probably done using torrents, and TOR for confidentiality: https://www.torproject.org/about/overview

Like I said, I'll do some research and try to come up with something better. I think you're right to think that now is the time to start planning for disruptions, while we have the resources and unfettered communications.

Paul X said...

Back up your blog as suggested, but don't forget to send copies of your backup to trusted persons. Hell, send it to every member here!

Put your stuff on a server in Russia. That would probably be outside the reach of the US govt, heh. The Dutch are also pretty jealous of their privacy. Maybe the Swiss too, and they support RKBA.

Don't use GoDaddy though. You will not be happy with it.

Ed said...

What's next for Lieberman? Will he be demanding the closure of Chemistry Departments in universities and high schools across the country? After all, they do teach the science of chemical reactions that are violently exothermic and have large positive entropic characteristics.

Let's all return to the Dark Ages so some will feel safer. There be alchemists and wizards among us! Run away! Run away!

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to host your blog on my VPS for free. Just respond here if you are interested and I'll follow up.

I couldn't go a day without Sipsey Street. I keep it open in my browser 24/7 and refresh frequently all day long.

What you are doing is so very important, I'll do anything I can do to help.